Blog Stuff and Cabbage Baby

I’ve been hemming and hawing about writing a post all day long, and now the day here in Paris is drawing towards its inevitable end and PJ and his girl child are coming home in another hour and a half or so. I promised to have some chicken nuggets and fries heated up for them when they get here, so I can just manage a quickie post before having to throw that stuff in the oven. I still eat just chicken, rice, and cabbage/brussels sprouts/zucchini/greens — I try to vary the veg. Oh, and rice cakes with the honey I got in Aix-en-Provence last month (see the tea post here). I should not be eating honey as much as I am (it’s high in fructose and sucrose, two things I don’t tolerate well), but I love it and it is allegedly anti-bacterial and pro-biotic, which I figure can’t hurt. Sounds contradictory, but what that means is that it helps keep the good-to-bad bacterial ratio in one’s system balanced out. It’s a bit of a “six of one, half a dozen of the other” as far as the benefit-to- harm ratio, though, and I’d likely be better off without it. I have been using honey and rice cakes to help me get over quitting coffee in the last week.

Speaking of quitting, it was one month ago today that I QUIT SMOKING! I have been smoke-free for a whole month! Except for the brief debacle here. But that was a good lesson learned, eh?

Anyways, I have wanted to try to post pretty regularly here and find myself having procrastinated into this kind of a stream-of-consciousness one-off that smacks of  not-very-professional blogginess.

Eh. It is what it is. I’m doing the best I can with what I’ve got, and this is it for today, kids.

Blogistential Crisising

I’m having a real crisis of blog existence these days as I have been going nutty on discovering new (to me) blogs about Paris “out there” and then making the inevitable comparisons to what I am doing here. And reading fashion blogs, too, although I cannot for the life of me understand why I have an attraction to blogs like JakandJil dot com. Part of it was that Fashion Week: Paris just ended this past week, and I was reading a lot about it online on sites such as Jak and Jil. I’ve decided people who are hung up on fashion are just………. weird. LOL. Okay, to be fair, it is just their “thing,” and not mine. More power to them. Still, I find myself pulled into fashion blogs like the clichéd looky-loo-ness of staring at an accident aftermath. I can’t help myself. I find it a very bizarre world, but strangely attractive.

I’m still in that headspace of trying to nail down what it is I am doing here, and how I might define what it is that I want to blog about. I thought I had it narrowed in, but as I face the day-to-day of writing here, I sometimes come up at a loss.

I found something cool today, though, courtesy of one of my blog friends over at Multiply. It is from WORDLE, “a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide.”

Here’s mine for An Alien Parisienne with text from the blogs I have written about so far.

My Wordle Cloud

My Wordle Cloud - click to enlarge


I’m working on compiling a list of Paris blogs I have been reading. A new one I discovered today is Meg Zimbeck dot com. Meg is “a regular online contributor for SAVEUR and write a twice-weekly column called Affordable Paris for Newsweek’s Budget Travel magazine” ( and I noticed from looking all over her other blogs (there is a photo-of-of-the-day one she posts on: PARIS DAILY PORN and also her Flickr page) a lot of photos from the 19th, and she says she lives in “eastern Paris.” I’m thinking this chick is probably in my ‘hood! LOL. I feel like that makes me stalker-ish, but hey, she’s got all this posted out there. I am just taking her up on her sites, lol.

Anyway, she is about one of several dozen bloggers/Paris resident bloggers/real writers who are also bloggers “out there” that make me feel like a 41-year-old failure. Aaack. I know. I said in comments in my own last post that comparisons are odious. But I feel like with the whole Paris Blog High School idea (see previous post), it is like the high school in The Breakfast Club and I am Ally Sheedy’s Allison to Molly Ringwald’s Claire.

I think I am just trying to figure out how I fit into the bigger picture of it all. What will result is likely a huge post and kind of blogroll of blogs one can read about Paris.

Part of my figuring it out is posting something like this today. It’s nothing really related to Celiac/gluten-intolerance, nothing related to an off-the-beaten-path adventure in Paris, just me, sitting in our living room, blogging, because that is pretty much what I *do*. 😀

Cabbage Baby

Okay, here’s something funny, though. Remember how I waxed on about the roasted cabbage a week ago? Well, it gave me a “cabbage baby.”

"Pregnant" with a "cabbage baby"

"Pregnant" with a "cabbage baby"

My stomach was SO swollen from eating the WHOLE freakin’ pan of cabbage  that it was miserably distended (okay, I am not a supersized girl, for sure, and my tummy may not look that big in the photo, but normally when I am lying on my back, with the aid of gravity, my tummy is pretty flat). You can see from the redness in my face, which I had to cover, and the bulging of the vein at my neck, I was both mortified and dying with laughter at my condition! It was horribly, horribly hilarious. Photo by PJ.

No, incredibly I did not, ummmmm, pass a lot of gas later on. A little, maybe, lol, but just with time and digestion, the swelling went down. PJ and I were joking about having a Cabbage Patch Doll. Another friend on Multiply, when I recounted this story, said that we should name it, “Gastavo.” Oh what witty online peeps I have! 🙂

Tomorrow, Tess and I are planning a return trip to Le Puits de Legumes, which I blogged about in July. Tess was recently released (on purpose) from a prison of a job (the work hours were from 4 in the morning until noon or so) and we are going out to celebrate. It has been about a month or so since I have seen her, so I am looking forward to the visit and also eating gluten-free fare at the restaurant.

I shall bring my trusty Nikon Coolpix with me and document the meal.

I hope everyone has a pleasant weekend, and see you here again next week!

Over & Out

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3 thoughts on “Blog Stuff and Cabbage Baby

  1. Fashion is a subjective world in which everyone can have an opinion and what makes one opinion more valid than another? nothing, so the reader is just as much an expirt as the writer. What is hilarious is that the writer is telling the reader what the reader likes (or should like) and the reader is sucked into reading every word to figure out why. And just what is it with Fashion shows? None of what you see is what will be “on-the-rack” at even boutique shops or could even be worn by anyone but the model it is tailored to and if it was you’d probably be arrested (or at least garner attention, but I don’t think it would be for being “fashionable”). Real fashion is whether it is ok to where a silk scarf with a wool sweater and the most informative would be the celeb fashion mistakes photo pages.

    Don’t you find that Blogs are somewhat tailored by the place you find them? Those in Multiply are usually a brain dump (This is what is on my mind today – discuss)FB and myspace are gossip just a little more detailed than the “this-is-what-I’m-doing-this-instant” style of twitter (can that even be concidered blogging?) and others such as Blogger and WordPress tend to be theme oriented. This constriction is both good and bad. Bad only because it only reveals one aspect of the writer, but good because (at least I’ve found in my own writting, have to talk to Amie to see if it is a universal) that those constrictions force a person to be more creative in order to express themselves within said peramiters. The good and bad for the reader is likewise, they can find blogs that they are interested in easier, but may be denied a new expirience or subject they had never found interesting before.

    I did a couple of wordles of poems I had written back in 360. Fun. I have tried to hold back on forwarding Paris blogs because you’ve probably already seen them and discovery is half the fun anyway. I think you should make Li the “godfather” of your cabbage patch kid.

  2. Lauri

    “…it was one month ago today that I QUIT SMOKING!”
    >>>WOOHOO!!! Congratulations Karin. That is awesome!

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