An Engaging Story

Christmas tree

A portion of our Christmas tree, Christmas 2009

It’s been a full two weeks since I posted here and I have been itching to get back to it. I have spent the better part of the day doing laundry, catching up on the phone  with my best friend, Janet, who had been back in the States for the holidays, and trying to get hundreds of megapixels of photos loaded onto Flickr. That and it is the first full day I have had with the computer all to myself in the daytime, and the first day in which it has been *totally* quiet in the apartment! I have been relishing the silence, just me and my thoughts.

I have in mind about seven or eight posts for this blog. There is a critical mass of blogginess that is building up to exploding, and I have spent the whole day (as I wrote above) trying to get photos loaded to correspond with posts and to begin to make a dent in all the writing I would like to do. My cravings for a laptop are probably stronger than ever right now, and yet I really know it is not something that is to be at this time (else I would have one… right?) and I don’t really know if I could ever reach a “saturation point” of blogging “salinity” anyway — a point where I would feel that I have adequately written all that needs to be written and posted.

Then there is this itching I have to try some novel writing, to dip into that world of fiction. I love the clacking of the keyboard for this kind of writing:  my fingers can just about keep up with the dialogue in my head on the keyboard. Handwriting makes my hand hurt and my mind hurt even more from the slower pace. I really was born in the best generation for writing according to the pace that I think. I love computers for writing.

In the meantime, I have to do with what means I have and that is trying to read and write as much as I can possibly cram into the daytime hours when the quiet and solitude I have is most conducive to doing these things. I am, therefore, trying to get a post in before I have to go and buy a couple of chickens to roast and prepare something for Paul (this is PJ, by the way. Some time ago I had his permission to stop using “PJ” and just use his given name publicly, and I decided that today is the day to do it) and I to eat for dinner. I’m thinking hummus with the chicken sounds good.

I have to get some news out, though.

In my previous post, I was questioning my holiday spirit (or lack thereof). I got a lot of great feedback from readers, and I really appreciated your thoughts on how to put the fun and spirit back into things. I needed a little encouragement, and I got some, so thank you.

Also, though, Christmas was redeemed for me at the 11th hour (really, it was past 11 am on Christmas morning – maybe even more like 2 pm).

Paul’s family, because of how they celebrated Christmas when he was young with time divided between relatives, opens all their large gifts from family at midnight on Christmas Eve. They then go to sleep in the wee hours of Christmas morning, and then the next day open smaller gifts in stockings. When they were really young, Santa also had paid a visit with a gift or two because we all know that he visits while children are sleeping on Christmas Eve. Paul observes the same tradition with his children. So, we opened gifts at midnight on Christmas Eve, and then the next day we woke up late (one of the big gifts was a Wii, and Paul and the kids were up until 3 am or so setting it up and playing. I could not last that long…), I made some gluten-ful chocolate chip muffins for the gluten and dairy eaters, and we opened stockings.

I somehow wound up opening most of the stuff in my stocking last. When I got to the bottom of my Christmas stocking, there was an interesting-looking box waiting for me, the very last of all the gifts. When I opened it, I saw a beautiful sterling silver and black pearl ring inside. While I was looking at the ring, kind of confused as to what it was doing in there, Paul said to me, “That is an engagement ring. Will you marry me?”

The first words out of my mouth were a stunned, “Are you kidding me?” and he replied, “No. I’m serious. Will you marry me?”

It took me a while to really register what was going on, and then I started to feel funny that I had not answered right away. But I was composing myself to make absolutely certain I was answering him with a clear heart and a clear head. So I waited until I knew for sure what I was going to say.

I went into the kitchen with Paul. I once more asked, “You’re not kidding, right?”

He said, “No.”

So I said, “Yes, I will.” 🙂

Sometime in 2010, Paul and I will become wed and we will “officialize” our already strong relationship. We don’t yet know where (in France? In the US?) or exactly when, but it will happen as soon as we can figure it all out. We are both really happy that 2010 will hold this special event.

As for me, I just keep thinking as a kind of mantra, “The third time’s the charm.”

Here is the ring:

My engagement ring

My engagement ring

I love it. It is unique and beautiful. It was a gorgeous surprise and helped to make my questionable Christmas a memorable one.

Of course I will keep you all posted about the hows and wheres and whens of this endeavor. In the meantime, here’s to hoping I can create a few posts this week before my head explodes with the writing that wants to be accomplished!

Until later.

Over and out.

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29 thoughts on “An Engaging Story

  1. Congratulations!

    That’s a very cool ring. I love how unusual it is. Is the tear drop one a moonstone?

    And as for blog writing, I don’t ever think there is a point when you feel you’ve written enough. There is always more. Hopefully.

    • Thank you, Wendy! I am not sure what kind of stone is on the teardrop. I have seen moonstone, and it’s more pink than what I think of as moonstone. What I think it is is oyster shell – it has the iridescence of oyster shell.

      I think you may be right about blog writing, lol. It is never “finished” is it. 🙂

  2. Carole

    I actually read your news on another blog: you mentioned it in a comment, but I waited until you posted it here to say: congratulations to you and Paul!

    • Thank you, Carole, and yes, I did mention that in a comment, didn’t I. 🙂 Thank you for sharing good wishes here! I appreciate it!

  3. Pocketful of Shells

    You already know what I have to say. 🙂

    • I do, I do my Shell. And it has all been good. Thank you for commenting in those multiple places, lol.

  4. Karen

    How beautiful! I love how your ring seems to flow…kind of like your writing I guess 🙂 Félicitations Karin and Paul, all my wishes for happiness!

    • Thank you, Karen! Yes, the ring does have a great flow to it. (I dunno about the writing part, *blushes*, but thank you very much!) This event has really made me look forward to 2010 and all it holds!

  5. Ken

    Yeah, I was denied the puter for the best part of today and exploded when I finally got on myself. Dunno that it was all that coherant, but wanted to say a few things before losing access again. Which, of course, fueled my own itch for a more reliable medium and that as a major theme in the blog.

    As far as the itch for fiction goes, something I did not mention in my blog was that I not only cleaned rooms, but also cleaned up some of my “creative output”. What I mean by that is, a lot of things go through my head during my life and most of it is lost forever in the ether, so I try and record as much as I can. Photos are part of that (and I’ve got an idea that I may blog my way through many of my photographs some time and tell the stories I tried to capture), but I also carry notebooks with me in which I jot stuff down. I’ve come to split them by starting on each end, the stuff from the front is work related and the stuff starting from the back is personal. I do the usual lists, nes items and events to expound upon, but every once in a while I get verse or the snippette of a story which I hope to polish and expand at a later date. As time goes by, I end up with a lot of notebooks stuffed all over the place, so I sit and transfer all of it into single sources. So I’m looking at all of this prose and some of it doesn’t hold up and doesn’t get transfered. Some of it is interesting, but I wonder where I was going with the thought process. And some of it seems kind of impressive and sharable and that is what I hope to do (I sure wouldn’t mind someone to “ghost” the stuff that needs polishing either, but how does someone go about finding such a partner?)

    Paul has a real flare. What a dramatic, romantic proposal, that seems to have went off perfectly. I am quite sure that I would have tipped off the suprise in some way had I tried such a thing. Congrats again.

    • Hi Ken!

      I really like your notebook system you describe! Before computers I was kind of a notebook person, but once I got a computer my writing really took off. I *wish* I could be more of a notebook person at times. It really is a convenient way to keep track of thoughts and so on. I’m more of a Post It person when it comes to notes and thoughts. I have Post Its *everywhere.* I will go and check out your blog.

      It was a pretty ingenious thing that Paul did in regards to the proposal! I was very impressed with his ability to keep his cool. I had *no idea* what he was up to or how nervous he was (until there was all my pausing after he actually asked, lol. I kept the guy hanging for what was probably a few minutes but must have felt like an eternity! Then I noticed some nervousness). Thank you once again for the congrats! 🙂 Be well, Ken.

  6. Beautiful. Bon Annee, et surtout, Bon Santee. I’m learning. Wink wink.

    • Thank you, Betsy! *wink wink* Yup. Me, too, lol. All the time! Et bon année et bon santée à toi aussi (I think that’s how to say it, lol).

  7. Just read this. Now that you are making things legal, you have a legal imperitive to keep things civil:

    not that it would be a problem with you, I’m just sayin

  8. Lauri

    Congratulations (again)! The ring is beautiful. Your man has excellent taste (in jewelry and women)! What a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays/New Year.

    • Thank you, Lauri, and what a sweet thing to say about Paul and me! This event really did redeem the holiday spirit for me. That was the biggest gift of all, seeing as how difficult it has been for me to “get into” the holiday.

      Soooo, you still thinking of visiting this year?!?

  9. Brit

    Just wanted to stop by and say




    I’m so happy for you both, please send my best to Paul.
    Miss you guys a ton.

    Yes before you ask I’ll probably get a wordpress thingymajiggy and start blogging again.

    I will be attempting to write a book this year so I’m sure I’ll be looking for inspiration on here.
    Goal is 1 to 2 pages per day so this time next year I would have finished it.

    Anyways before I ramble too much, MOTHER*BLEEEPING*GREAT NEWS!!!!

    Take care and speak soon.



    • BRIT!!!! YAY! You found the blog! 😀 So good to see you, brother, and Paul and I haver missed you, too. Good to know you are still “out there” and kicking! Thank you for the congrats. It’s going to be a special year. So exciting that you will be writing a book! Fantastic! And yes, please get a WordPress thingamagingy so we can keep up with you. 🙂

      Love back atcha and thank you for coming by and commenting!

  10. Congratulations and best wishes! What a lovely surprise and what an extraordinary ring!

    • class factotum! Thank you for coming back! It’s been a bit since I was at your blog, too, and so I am glad you stopped by! I will be sure to pay you a visit, too!

      Thank you for the congratulations. I was most surprised and it was a very fun way to be asked. 🙂

      See you again soon, I hope! Be well.

  11. Janet

    As I said before, congratulations, sweetie. You’ll have to keep us all abreast as plans develop on that one so we can all make it to the wedding. I’m so happy for you both!

    • Thank you, my friend. I certainly will let you know what’s going on with regards to a wedding — you will be one of the first to know, of course, lol. I am happy that you are happy!! 🙂

  12. What a wonderful way to get engaged… and what a wonderul day to tell us about it!!! (I think I got tears in my eyes!)

  13. Felicitations! What a romantic you’re marrying. All best wishes to you both.


    • Merci beaucoup, Shelli. He is a romantic at heart, indeed. Thank you for stopping by! (Reminds me I need to visit your blog, too!! 🙂 Hope all is well. See you there later!)

  14. And you, alien parisienne, knock my socks of with the patient, sincere, thoughtful, constructive comments you keep leaving over at my poor excuse for a blog.
    And as for this: “here’s to hoping I can create a few posts this week before my head explodes with the writing that wants to be accomplished!” …..

    I’m waiting. Don’t let the pressure get too strong. An exploding head sounds messy.

    • Thank you so very much, Betsy. I think I love leaving comments as much or maybe more than I do blogging sometimes!! I love people’s stories so very much and to connect with others over their very real lives, with empathy and understanding. And I beg to differ about the “poor excuse for a blog.” You are doing STUNNING writing at both NumbMum and MOMformation.

      Yeahhhhh, I have to balance the reading and commenting with some writing of my own! For sure. An “asplody head” is gross, I agree, lol. In fact, I will work on that post I have been working on *right now.*

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