What I Did This Weekend

AKA Monday Annoyance that I cannot get everything accomplished that I wish to. One of the things I had hoped to do was FINALLY finish the post about the Rue de Mouzaïa, where I walked with the wonderful Peter of Peter’s Paris last DECEMBER (!) — photos here . It’s a charming little area tucked away in the center of the 19th arrondissement about which I have been meaning to blog since he and I met and had our adventure over three months ago (!!). But dirty floors and dishes called, and then I noticed the toilet really needed a good scrub. There were emails that needed to be written and a few posts read. Friends to be called. Food to prepare. All kinds of things which have interfered with my sitting down to knock out a post about the journey. I kept thinking to myself, “I want to post once a week!” and here I am, a week after my last post. So, I am going to do a quick (for me) post (go grab that cup of coffee or glass of wine. See you back here in a ‘sec).

A Blog Review

One thing I wanted to share is that Keith at the blog A Taste of Garlic has featured my blog in a review at his site. I was really honored to be included amongst the other blogs about which he’s written. I also loved what he had to say here, and feel it was dead on:

All blogs are different; thank goodness for that.

An Alien Parisienne won’t be to everyone’s taste but it certainly is to mine.

Sometimes I fancy a quick beer and sometimes I want to linger over a glass of port.

An Alien Parisienne is a blog to read slowly and savour; sat in a comfortable armchair rather than propping up the bar.

It’s pretty obvious that he noted I, as I like to put it, “blog long.” I’ve written (usually with some distress) about this fact ever since I started blogging in earnest in December of 2005. I’m often scattered, making segue from topic to topic (sometimes with obscure connection), and I am more like Proust or Tolstoy than Hemingway when it comes to prose. I’ve TRIED to blog in concise, 500-1000 word increments. It. Does. Not. Work. I just can’t. It’s unnatural to me. So yes, there are references to my blogging  long in his review, but I am most pleased that he felt at home here on An Alien Parisienne. Thinking of someone wanting to linger at this blog like one might with a glass of port delights me! Thank you so much, Keith. I’ve noted that my stats today took a big jump, too, and that is nice. Welcome, new readers.


I also did a few things this weekend, the most important of which was get a new haircut:

Yeah, I am kind of vain. Heh.

So there you go. It is now a basic bob. I finally grew out my bangs to chin length (it took a year), but I had this layered thing going on as a result, which was driving me bananas.

Here’s what I mean:

Me, looking like a zombie. I'm not THAT vain, else I would not post this photo (lol).

Sorry. Crappy bathroom dirty mirror zombie pic. I had the basic bob already there, but then there was a lower part of which the longest  layer went to between my shoulder blades. I loved having long hair, I just got really sick of the variation of lengths. I am really *missing* the longer hair, though. I felt like a hair amputee when washing it last night. I was having that phantom limb symptom, except that it wasn’t painful and wasn’t a limb. I just kept trying to wash hair that was not there anymore. Anyone else ever experience that?

The Little Princess part of me is mortified at having her long locks cut (memories of a pixie cut gone bad in the 1970s, which scarred me a little as a kid. You know, it was one of those mom-is-justifiably-tired of combing out the snarls from the weeping, screaming child’s locks kind-of-things, and my shoulder-length hair was one day snipped into a Mia Farrow cute, cropped ‘do. If I had been the mom of me, I would have done the same thing in that situation, so no faulting her, but as the kid I was a bit traumatized). The Grown Up in me keeps saying “It’s going to grow, and now it will grow at the same length and same rate!”  I am dealing with my Inner Child. It’s actually pretty cute, and she’s coming around to it.

I used to change my hair all the time. I have had every hairstyle from the pixie cut in the 1970s, to a femullet in the 1980s (oh man, you should look at this site: mulletjunky dot com. It’s hilarious and gross and hysterical all at the same time! My femullet was not as gross as some there!),  to going G.I. Jane in my 30s.  Short, long, permed, platinum, ruby, black, and purple-streaked, I have done just about everything to my hair since I have had hair to mess with. I had eight-year-old dreams of looking like Dorothy Hamill, teen dreams of being a hybrid of Molly Ringwald and Bono (yeah, that was the femullet), and then some kind of weird, mid-life crisis during the über-short platinum phase. I often resort to coming back to the bob.

For a while there, Keira Knightley and I were hair twins. She cut her hair off for her role in “Domino” and I had my hair about the same length when she did it.  She then let it grow out and so did I. We even cut bangs about the same time, and now I note that she is letting hers grow out. Check this article out with recent pics of KK. See? About the same thing going on as mine had with scraggly ends. I bet she shows up with a bob soon.

It was an interesting experience getting my hair cut in a salon here in Paris. It was the first time I have done so since coming to Paris 21 months ago. In the first year I was here, I cut my hair myself. Then this past summer when I was in Canada, I had it cut by a real hairdresser. All of that, describing the experience here in Paris as well as all the neuroses surrounding my fear of getting my hair cut here in Paris, are worthy of a blog of their own. I don’t know if I will ever get around to it, but it is not going to happen right this second. I have to get ready to go to yoga in a moment.


The other thing I did this weekend was watch movies on our Free Home Video subscription with Freebox. Paul and I watched “Jurassic Park III,” “Master and Commander” and then this IFC film called “The Undeserved,” which is so entitled because it did not deserve to be watched (haha). Naw. It was just really, really… Independent Film Channel-y. Very film-festival-y. One of those where I was rolling my eyes, mumbling, “Just be OVER already!”

Why didn’t I just turn it off? Well, I am one of those people, that is “in for a penny, in for a pound” when it comes to movies. I am a pragmatic idealist. This means that while part of me is whining, “Turn it off already!” the rest of me is hoping that the film will get better. If it doesn’t then at least it becomes fodder for making fun of it, with peanut gallery-style commentary.

Speaking of, I saw the movie “Chloé” last Thursday, and swear-to-Odin I started laughing at the end. When one of the main characters jumps out of a window to commit suicide. Yeahhhh. Not cool, but I could not help it. It was utterly ridiculous, the whole movie, which is too bad as I really love Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore, and also think the young Amanda Seyfried is an up-and-coming talent. It’s a pretty movie, but it is basically an excuse to show lesbian porn. It was so much like a movie I would have tried to stay up late when I was 14 and watch on Cinemax. It might have been a movie I would have walked out of, if I were the type to do that, but Paul was kind of into it (what guy wouldn’t be when actresses like Julianne Moore and Amanda Seyfried get it on?) and after a while I really wanted to see where the disaster was going, kind of like the clichéd expression about train wrecks.

This weekend, I also caught up on episodes of Season One of L.A. Ink, which my best friend Janet burned for me when I was in Antibes last month.

Another weekend in Paris.

(*snort* I kind of think my life is like one of those movies you would want to walk out of, but don’t because you think/hope “Maybe it gets better from here.” I guess I am here to continually remind you, “Wherever you go, there you are.” There are people leading ordinary, boring lives in Paris, too, folks. It ain’t always all that, kids! Just sayin’.)

Thank you, new people who subscribed and I hope to be back here soon with that post on Rue de Mouzaïa! For now, though, I have to get ready to go to yoga class.

Until next time, then, I am Over & Out.


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14 thoughts on “What I Did This Weekend

  1. ” I am more like Proust or Tolstoy than Hemingway when it comes to prose”
    Actually, I would much prefer the Keroack “stream of conciousness”, writing “in the moment”. Have you ever seen his original manuscripts? Written on huge scrolls, sometimes taped together, like the ancient writings of the far east that nhe so loved.

    • That’s so interesting about Kerouac, Ken! Actually, when I am studying something, my method is just like that: large sheets of paper on the wall with notes and Post-Its stuck all over! And it is true, I was “raised” as an English major on stream-of-consciousness writing in a sophomore language arts class in high school. Totally up my alley. Yeahhh, I want to be like Kerouac.

      “The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes “Awww!”

      – Jack Kerouac


  2. Yeah. I just gave the blog a makeover, too, lol. I’m trying this theme out for size!

    I cannot find my original header picture, though! RATS. The above one is close, though.

  3. Tres chic. Tres French. Tres jolie.

  4. Congrats on the write up…I wish I could sit in a Paris cafe to read your posts. I am the same when it comes to movies. I have tortured myself through several. The worst one for my husband and I was the movie Beloved that Oprah worked on. I know I know Oprah can do no wrong. We could not stand the movie from the beginning but would not stop watching it. It took us three days and has given us a lifetime of fun. There are lines that we mimick and we always compare bad movies to that one now…LOL!
    I like the bob its very Spring. Shorter hair is so much fun…enjoy the lightness of it 🙂

    • Thanks, Corine! That cracks me up about “Beloved,” lol. It is great when you can find movies to make fun of that way! They are so bad they become GOOD! 🙂

      Thanks for the props on the bob. It’s “growing” on me, haha. I am enjoying the relative ease with which I can wash and dry it!

      Stay warm in snowy Colorado!

  5. I love the new haircut. I can’t believe how long yours was. And ya, I’ve experienced the phantom hair; for about a week after I shaved it for St. Baldrick’s I kept pouring shampoo into my hands before I’d realized that I didn’t need it at all.

    And I am exactly the same way with movies. Jeff will turn them off, but I totally feel the need to see it through, hoping, just like you, that it’ll somehow get better. But you know what my biggest problem with a lot of those really indie or foreign films is? I hate how there is no conclusion what so ever. Just kind of a meh sort of ending. I have a feeling that they’re trying to be realistic, but I just don’t think it’s very accurate. I always work for closure in real life. And it drives me crazy when people in movies don’t. What was that movie (not an indie one) where it was all about some stupid briefcase and, oh my god, what is in that briefcase? And in the end, one of the characters gets to look in it, but they never show us. I screamed at the tv for that one. It’s totally cheating.

    • Hi Wendy! 🙂 I’m glad you made it here. My hair really had gotten long, and I have to say a week later, I am still missing it, but it’s better like it is, and to grow it out from here. I’ve shaved my hair off, too, although not for a good cause like St Baldrick’s, and did the same thing with the shampoo, lol. Actually, I had about 1/4″ of hair, so I could shampoo it a little, but for weeks used too much shampoo.

      I am glad to know I am not alone with the movie thing. That ending of the movie you describe is TOTALLY cheating. I would have been *pissed* if I had watched that one. Hats off to writers and directors that give us closure!! Here, here — to closure!!

      See you again soon.

  6. Cool! New hair! Always fun! I have finally gotten mine to a length and style I am happy with – for once – so I am keeping that up until I no longer love it…

    • Thanks Bj, and wow, how great you found a style you love. I am envious! 🙂 I will get there one day! I know it. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Love the haircut! Looks great.

    Also great that Keith at A Taste of Garlic found you. I loved his review of my site, too. Congrats on the nice write-up!

    I’ll go read your Rue de Mouzaia post now. I’ve been meaning to make it there for the longest time!

  8. Don’t worry, you look nice in any haircut! I had mine cut the other day also, but i was less radical! 🙂

    I saw “Alice…” this weekend! Not the best Tim Burton in my mind.

    Your posts ARE long, but that’s your style … and I like it!

    • Thank you, Peter. 🙂 Must be the season for haircuts, no? Spring arrives, and just like one wants to start gardening and cleaning, off goes the hair, lol. I just saw “Alice” last night — I think you are right, maybe not Burton’s best. I liked the world of Alice, though, and thought that Helena Bonham Carter as the Reine rouge was very good!

      I think it is good when a person can find his or her style and honor it! I appreciate it a lot that some people can really flow with mine, though.

      A bientôt!

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