A Beach in Juan Les Pins

Here’s a vacation postcard from me to you, dear Readers. I hope you enjoy it. Can you picture yourself here, on the beach, in the South of France? I hope this brings a little escape into your day.


Most of August has passed us by. I guess my blog decided that it was going to go on vacation along with me. 🙂

In the past three weeks, I have been having fun with my best friend and her two daughters and I have spent a couple of weeks going out and about with Paul to do research take photos for his posts on his blog (Paris Inspired), for posts on his photo blog, and for articles he has been writing for (Serge Gainsbourg GardenSex and Love, Canal de l’Ourcq: Paris’s  Bastard Child). My photos can be found on my sets in Flickr. We have been busy little writing bees, and with only one older desktop between us, competition for writing time has been fierce. Like good children on the playground, though, we’ve played fair. It also helps that I tend to wake up a little earlier than Paul. In fact, in the summer morning hours the past two weeks, I’ve started tapping out a tome. I have got an idea for a young adult (tween, really) novel about a 12-year-old girl in Paris, and I am off to a start on that. I don’t know what’s going to come of it, but I am following the dictates of NaNoWriMo and just doing the writing.

Paul’s vacances ended this past week, but my best friend invited me to her home in Antibes to hang out for a week, and hanging out we are doing right now.  Today it was a two-hour visit to a beach in nearby Juan Les Pins.  Tomorrow we hope to hit the outdoor market and the Picasso museum in Old Antibes. I’ll be taking photos. In fact, if you are my Facebook friend (see the right sidebar for the link), I’ve already posted some more photos from the visit to the beach today there. Once I am back home, I’ll put everything on my Flickr site.

Finally, also in this vacation time, I wrote an article about coping with food intolerances in France for the excellent website Posted in Paris, edited by Anne Schwartz (who also writes for Just Another American in Paris). The article was just posted today, so if you are feening for more than just this brief check-in, please go there to read my guest posting! Thank you to Anne for letting me share about how to dine in Paris and France with food intolerances. I hope that it helps some people who have these conditions find good things to eat in France.

In the coming weeks, I hope to share more about How I Spent My Summer Vacation. Stay tuned.

How about you? What have you been up to in the past month?

Over and out.


(an alien parisienne)

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33 thoughts on “Vacances

  1. Lovely note! Thanks for the update, Angel. Don’t have so much fun that you don’t want to come back Saturday!

    • I hope you liked all your linkage here. 🙂 As much fun as I am having with Janet, it was a truly fun time being with you galavanting around Paris this past month. I want to return and do that a lot more. Let’s *both* try to come down here in the summer one day, though. It is a really fun place in summer! Very relaxing and very laid back compared to Paris.

      Love you.

  2. Nice postcard! Hope you’re having a great time! And thank goodness the weather has picked up for you 🙂 Look forward to reading the rest of your adventures soon. Enjoy the rest of your break.

    • Thank you so much, Piglet. I am having fun. 🙂 But soon I want to get back into a more “normal” rhythm of non-summer life, too. See you in the bloghood again very, very soon!

  3. Hey Karin…sounds like a bonne vacance….and good for you ..I think you have a story in there with your book idea…keep it up…you and MJ will be famous writers one day and I will say “I knew them when…”..take care…

    • I was just about to log off when your comment came through, Deb. Thank you for reading. 🙂 Yes, it’s been a very bon vacance for me this year. I think I may have a story, too, or at least a first draft with which to work if I keep it up over the next couple of months. It’s been fun to think about and write so far. If I ever do make it that far, Deb, which is a bit of a long shot (never say “never,” but I do know from friends and loved ones just how hard it is to be published) I promise I won’t forget you. 😉 Hee hee! But will you come to the signing at Shakespeare and Company?! You take care and see you in the bloghood again soon, too.

      • Dude: It’s “Bonnes Vacances”. ‘Vacation’ is always plural in French (because there’s not just one day) and feminine (because it’s always a pleasure). Just sayin’. 😉

      • Thank you for the French 101 lesson, Paul! I’ll remember now — that’s a good trick to remember it’s feminine and plural.

  4. Carole

    Your story sounds delightful! Will it be illustrated?

    Wow! The words Juan les Pins conjures up images of Rudolph Valentino and the roaring 20’s! It all sounds so very glamorous. And fun!

    • Hi Carole!

      I don’t know if it would be illustrated or not. I actually have an idea for one that *could* be illustrated, though, more of a kids’ book, so maybe I will work on that one, too.

      Juan les Pins totally is reminiscent of the swinging 20’s! I picked up a couple of postcards today with a vintage look to them. I wish we could not only travel, but time travel, too. I’d love to see what this area was like 80-90 years ago.

  5. Carole

    Just read PP’s comment! LOL. BTW thanks for the link to his blog.

  6. Great post Karin! Just finished reading your post on food intolerances… I have vegetarian and vegan friends that go crazy in Paris, I give you credit for making the dietary changes fit into your French lifestyle!

    • Thanks, Lindsey!

      Yeah, any time one has or wants to eat to a different drummer (to malaprop it, lol. Or eggcorn it?!?), it’s a challenge. I have been having a great time this summer because of potluck picnics!! It’s a great time of year for eating with friends.

  7. Helloooo Karin! Looks awfully pretty where you are. I’m loving your story idea — young adult is the hottest category these days so go, girl, write, write, write. Looking forward to finally meeting you and Paris Paul in September when life will feel more normal again? Maybe?

    (And you just keep saying Bon Vacance if you want to. That Paris Paul — he’s like the Soup Nazi minus the soup and adding some French.)

    Enjoy the rest of your trip

    • Hey MJ! Good to see you back. 🙂 It sure is purdy down here in these parts. 😉 I think you and A would like it. I do hope we can get together soon. I sent another message to you about it — I’d accidently deleted the reply you had sent to me before your vacay. Whoops. Let’s try to get something set up once I am back (after Saturday).

      LOL at Paul as the Soup Nazi! 😀 He’s a sweetie, really. Nothing like that mean ole Soup Nazi. Just a grammar stickler, lol.

      Write, write, write. Right. I hope you’re sticking to it, too. I’m looking forward to getting back and doing so first thing every morning. I’m starting to want to find out what happens to the protagonist. Thanks for the encouragement.

      Hope to see you soon!

  8. ” Can you picture yourself here, on the beach, in the South of France? I hope this brings a little escape into your day”

    Actually, it reminds me of why I am sore today. worked my butt off at the beach, but had a blast and slept the sleep of the just last night.

    I saw Paul’s photos of the canal (then wiki’d it to find out more info), missed his article on it (I’ll go after I’ve read this).

    Thanks for the heads up on the guest posting.

    • Hello there, Ken! These beaches are a little different from the Bay Area ones, huh. I’m proud of you for keeping those beaches so tidy. 🙂 Thank you.

      Hope you liked all the various postings by Paul and yours truly.

      Take care!

  9. Back since a couple of days, but now you seem to be away, enjoying what I enjoyed recently. Yes, I have now – at last – read your latest posts, I have checked Paul’s blogs and works… His photoblog with pictures appearing under the Palais Royal metro station decoration is really appealing!! Hope you are relaxing well and ready to soon confront the busy September Paris! See you!

    • Hi Peter!! It’s great to see you back after your vacation! It seems like you had a super one!

      I’m glad you had a chance to check out Paul’s posts, too. He’s having a good time renewing his interest in Paris via blogging, something you know a wee bit about, I think. 😉

      Hope to catch up again with you soon in person. We’ll have to set something up while the weather is still nice. I’ll be in touch when I return.

      Take care!

  10. I’d love to be hanging out on a beach in France about now…. Good for you!

    • Hi BJ!

      I have to say, I really could relocate to another area of France, specifically this one, lol.

      Seriously, you need to experience France in the spring or summer one of these years, my dear. I really think you would enjoy the contrast to Parisian wintertime!! I hope it will be something in your future, for sure.

      Take care & I hope to catch up with you more very soon. 🙂

  11. Looks lovely! I love the ocean!

    • Hi Amy!

      It’s a really lovely place, the Mediterranean. I’m glad to have gotten a chance to be here.

      Take care!

  12. What a GORGEOUS pic!! See you tomorrow!!!

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  14. Evil, evil, Karin! I want to be on that beach *now*!

    (But I’m glad you are – enjoy a much-deserved break after the crummy summer weather and beaucoup writing deadlines!)

  15. I often picture myself in places throughout France! Enjoy your vacances..

  16. Hi Leesa, Sweet Freak and Brittany!

    I seem to have dropped off the planet, huh. The writing project I am working on (a bit of technical tour writing) and a babysitting gig have me scheduled up to my ears right now… I am adjusting to the new schedule now that the vacances are over, but I hope to be back into the blogging swing of things, in the near future.

    You all (and anyone else reading this) take care, and I hope to see you all soon. 🙂

  17. Why yes, I can picture myself on that beach! LOL Sounds like you are busy and disciplined–good for you. The book idea sounds wonderful. I’ve always wanted to participate in NaNoWriMo–it’s such a great concept!

    Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on my blog, Karin! I’ve not been to Paris yet, but now I can live vicariously through you (and David Lebovitz). 😉


    • Hi Shirley! Thanks for this comment, and yes, it had gone to my spam folder just as you suspected on your own blog comment. I found it, though, in the nick of time. 🙂

      Here’s to NaNo starting up in about a month!!

      Looking forward to keeping gfe in my lineup of gluten-free blogs to read!

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