Taking a Wee Break

Life First, Blog Later.

A long-time online friend of mine, Bonii Jo, holds this as a mantra, and it is a wise one to have. January 2011 has brought multiple challenges with it, the least of which is that Paul’s and my motherboard finally had a meltdown in our one, shared computer. I am at his ex-wife’s home right now, typing this, trying to come to terms with the fact that I have already been out of touch via computer for a couple of days, and it is going to be several more before we can either get a new motherboard put in, or get a new tower altogether. It’s been really shitty timing, honestly, but then as the saying goes, “When it rains, it pours.”

I’m feeling like poor flooded Queensland right now (I feel bad writing that. I’m sure those poor people in Oz feel worse than I do and have bigger problems in a lot of ways.Β  But there has been a personal deluge of things to deal with so far in the New Year, and “flooded” is the best description I can muster for what things feel like right now.)

So, if you have been trying to get in touch with me, or wondered why I have not been by to comment on your blog, or are musing on the fact that you can hear the sound of chirping crickets on this blog, that’s why.

Live long and prosper, and hope to see you back here again very soon.



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20 thoughts on “Taking a Wee Break

  1. well when it rains it pours is right…hope it all gets fixed soon for you..in the meantime just go about your life business….

    take care Karin…..your buddy in the frozen north

  2. Sorry to hear of the deluge of problems lately. I hope everything eases up soon!

  3. Sorry to hear that, Karin! Take your time getting everything sorted. I know the feeling of the flood!

  4. Oh no, we’ll be here when you return, in the meantime, write in a journal!

  5. Time out for Karin! We can wait – and we will be here looking forward to your return to blogland. Life always comes first. Otherwise, what would one have to blog about?

  6. Carole

    Thank you for the update.

    Wishing you the best now and always.

    Now you live long and prosper!

  7. Hi Karin,
    I was a bit concerned that you had not posted anything for a few weeks. Sorry to hear about your motherboard and hope it’ll be fixed soon.
    I miss reading your posts, they are so interesting and articulated…
    Take care and looking to hearing from you soon,
    DeeBee :))

  8. Ken

    As you have been going through these trying times (and yes more than just your separation from the interwebs), I took a moment to reflect on the several times I was denied access for one reason or another, the lengths I went to establish some type of contact and why. The why I have shared before (being isolated is a strange and unfriendly land and never wanting to feel that way again) and the reasons are similar now (Although I am much more appreaciated here, it IS very romote), but besides that there is the relationships and responsibilities of maintaining those relationships that interege me. Those people that are close to me without the computer will continue to be without access, but there are those who I onlt know through the computer. Sure there are those I’ve met on the web who’ve shared there RL info with me, but the vast majority I know (via almost constant contact) but do not REALLY know (have never and may never see or talk to outside of text, some I do not even know their actual names). No matter how tenuous the connection, some feel there are rules of proper society we must abide that even apply to them.

    Then there is the importance or place this holds in relatinship to the rest of our lives. Today is a fairly warm if not breezy day and yet I choose to spend it indoors on this infernal machine When choosing which bills to pay when I am short, I make sure the internet acces is top of the list (and I’ll let you wonder about what I would give up to maintain it). I do not as those who are more addicted (?) than I, choose to forgo actual RL relationships or adventures because a need to be on-line in that if something in RL presents itself I really would do that rather than go on-line and I do not seek to take the web with me (tempting, but no). I am quite proud that I do make that distinction.

    All of this being said, when faced with unwilling loss f access I have: Asked and networked for solutions and even funds to get myself connected again while using friend’s, reletive’s, work’s and public (library, net cafe’s, heck even the airport’s) access to feed that connection until I once again had my own. I am too close to the subject to judge if that is inordinate or not and I will say that if I could not connect, life would go on, it is just something I have reflected on while sharing your frustrations.

  9. That’s such bad luck. I hope you had all your photos etc backed up. I wish I was in Paris, I could have given you one of my old computers.

    At least when you come back to blogging you’ll be able to write one of those super long posts you love πŸ˜‰

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  11. Oh, sorry to hear it, Karin, both about the motherboard and January deluge. I’m here whenever you’re back up and running — we’re overdue for a coffee. Good luck!!

  12. Hey kids! πŸ™‚ I am on a borrowed laptop for the mo’. Trying to do flood control, and keep things as tidy as possible.

    I really, really appreciate your comments here. I have seriously been thinking about bailing on the whole blogging thing entirely — I realized that I have been a fairly serious blogger/commenter on posts for five years as of this month. FIVE YEARS. That’s half a decade of doing something like “this” although here for only, what, a year and a half? Yeah — 18 months at this house in the bloghood.

    Anyway. The wind kinda went out of my sails totally when the motherboard blew.

    But, I have to say reading the comments here, and realizing thatI have created relationships through this medium gives me pause on doing anything rash. I may need some time to work it all out in my head, and then decide what to do when we actually have a computer that is working once more. But I am encouraged by all your kind words, and maybe there is still a place in my life for “this.” In the meantime, Andi, yeah! I got my paper journal all in order last night. πŸ™‚ Mostly what I had been using the notebooks for was for gluing my movie stubs and writing occasional notes about Tarot card readings I did for myself, or the odd entry here or there that needed to be handwritten instead of blogged. I am kind of grooving on the paper and pen-style journal right now.

    And MJ — coffee will be in order very soon. Yeah, let me get some of this stuff sorted out and back into a “good place” in my head, and then we’ll put back a couple of espressos, eh?

    Love to each of you, and thank you, too, to all the people who read the post and did not comment, but sent good vibes nonetheless. πŸ™‚ I know you are “out there.” πŸ˜€ Thanks.

    Take care & I will check back in soon. Cross your fingers our neighbor downstairs can help us rebuild the CPU we already have! He’s going to try to look at it this weekend. We’ll know more after that…

    (an alien parisienne)

  13. Your absolutely right! Blogging is for later. Live your life to the fullest, takes pics to externalize the moment, and later tell about it, do not let the moment slip.

    • Hello Mayfair Hotels! (*giggle* Spam much? The comment seemed really sincere, though, and I appreciate that!)

      You are right: life is for living to the fullest! And prioritizing to make sure that happens. πŸ™‚ I like how you put it about not letting the moment slip.

      Thanks for commenting!

  14. You have a very good excuse for not blogging for a while … and you were right to consider how important blogging is … and you were right to decide to come back, soonest! The thing, I believe, is to do it without obligation, when you feel like it, when you feel that you have something to say… and I’m sure you have! πŸ™‚

    • Hello, Peter! Thank you for coming by! I really like what you write: to blog without obligation and to write when the moment is right. I agree. Blogging ought to be about *enhancing* life, not detracting from it, so as soon as I can feel that enhancement, I bet I will be back at it. πŸ™‚ I hope I find my groove soon!

      I need to email you about a walk sometime soon! I’ve got a yen to explore parts of the 20th soon, parts I am curious about but have not been to, yet. I’ll email soon!

      Be well!

  15. Karin,
    Best to you and Paul. I’d lose my freakin mind if my computer died!!! I’m featuring the party group shot on my blog tomorrow. Hope you two cand see it soon!

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  17. “or are musing on the fact that you can hear the sound of chirping crickets on this blog,” cute way of putting it, thank you for the smile… best wishes in all you do, blogging and otherwise.

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