The Great Outdoors… of Paris?


Hello everyone! I’m actually also sneaking this post on to my An Alien Parisienne Wordpress blog via my Posterous account, someplace I experiment now and again with events and publicity about events in Paris.

I wanted to let you know about an article I have written as a guest over at the AnyTrip blog.

AnyTrip is a London-based, budget-travel, online booking agency, and while I have not yet used their services, I am really impressed with the way they contacted me to be a guest writer for their site, and impressed with what they offer at their site. Many other terrific bloggers and writers have also participated in doing articles for this month’s Love Paris Giveaway. There are four chances this September to win a trip to Paris with AnyTrip’s Love Paris giveaway. For each prize, AnyTrip will set you and a friend up with a two-night stay at a Paris hotel, an activity, and £150/€170 in travel vouchers for the return trip to Paris.

For information on how to enter as well as the terms and conditions, visit the AnyTrip Love Paris post.

You have until September 30 to enter, so hustle on over to the site!

For some juicy personal news, please keep reading!

As far as my personal news, I have been horribly lax writing on my main blog (it has been over a month since I posted about the Katia and Kyliemac podcastiversary, I realize). Since returning from the hinterlands of Canada, Paul and I returned to Paris and a couple of weeks after that… got married on September 9. That’s right: I am now Mrs. Paul Prescott!


(photo by my friend, photographer Karin Crona)

This month we also jumped into the rentrée (French for “re-entry” but it connotes the back-to-work, back-to-school, re-entering of “real life” post-vacation), and as I’m sitting here, typing, I’m thinking to myself, “REALLY? It is the end of September already? NO WAY.” But indeed, here we are.

I have thoughts and hopes of blogging more regularly. I look all the time at the newest WordPress themes, and think about how I have had numerous people ask me to unclude their links for their Paris-based travel/information/lodging/expat-connections, and how I really ought to get that going. But somehow, up until this week, I have felt re-entry resistance: my brain has been stuck back at that wonderful lake in Northern Ontario.


I have, however, been posting to my Facebook page, my Google Plus page, and Twitter when I have not been posting at WordPress or Posterous (or even Tumblr… jeebus, just how many blogs and social networks can a girl belong to, eh?). Please do connect to me at one of those places to keep up with me in the quieter times on my blog(s). Or, oh yeah: Goodreads, too (I am woefully behind on it as well right now, though).

I hope this post finds you all well and settled quite nicely into another autumn season!

Take care.

Over & out.

Paris Karin

(an alien parisienne)

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30 thoughts on “The Great Outdoors… of Paris?

  1. Wow, you dropped some fabulous news on us there–congratulations! That is a stunning wedding photo of you guys. And it’s by another Karin with an “i”! 🙂 She does great work and you both look so happy. That lake shot from your honeymoon is lovely as well. And remember the origin of the word “honeymoon” … so a month without blogging and “re-entry” problems are perfectly normal! 😉 Finally, that will be a lucky ducky who wins the trip to Paris! Anyone would want to insert themselves into your sweet photo with the boats (which I now see has the first hint of your news with its watermark!) and everything else that Paris has to offer!

    Congratulations again, dear! Hugs,

    • Hi Shirley! Thank you so much for dropping by and reading! I really appreciate it. I hope to eventually write about it a little more, but Paul and I actually had the vacation/honeymoon first in August, at his family’s lake home, we had a “Commitment Ceremony” on August 8, 2011, and then actually got married back in Paris on September 9. We did things a little backwards, lol. Yes, I have already adopted a new name, too! Good catch on the photo’s watermark! (Funny, I have to “officially” get to that, too. So much “officializing”! :D) Thank you for the kudos on the Other Karin’s work, also. (That’s what we call one another: Karin — ourselves — and The Other Karin for the other one, lol.) She takes amazing photos, and she surprised us by snapping a few on that day.

      Hugs back to you, and thank you again for the congrats!

  2. That picture of you two is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations once again Mrs. Prescott.

  3. KJ*

    Congratulations, Karin! You guys look fantastic!

  4. Many congrats and wishes for much happiness, Karin. You look beautiful and so happy in your photo!

  5. Nice! But did you have to pick the goofiest pic of me?

    • Hello, Mr Husband. It is not a goofy pic at all! I really like it, and I like this one of us together. I’ll post some of the other ones soon, too, so everyone can see how handsome you are. You look so nice with the haircut and goatee — it’s a really great look for you.
      Your Wife

  6. Hi Karin, I enjoyed your article on Paris green spaces. I did a thing for them too. The girl there did spend a lot of time with me getting it right. I hope it helps them out!
    And félicitations for the ‘event’. Paul, you’re looking good, man – like the beard!
    Stay Paris,
    Sab ;~S

  7. Duchesse

    You looked lovely on your wedding day:) I wish you both a long and happy marriage:)


  8. Hey there Karin,
    I love that pic of you & Paul! The whole album must be smashing!
    I know what that is to be in a floating state of mind; it is rather my leimotif right now. So, join the club…

    My, you are more tech active than I am; I am off FB and just have the blog and e mail. Enough for me.

    Hoping to see you one of these days.


    • Hello, xpat92! I’m so glad to know you like the photo, and I do hope to share the rest of Karin Crona’s pictures here. I love the idea of “floating state of mind as a leitmotif.” Oooooh that just made the e.e. cummings poem “Anyone Lives in a Pretty How Town” pop in my head!

      someones married their everyones
      laughed their cryings and did their dance
      (sleep wake hope and then)they
      said their nevers they slept their dream

      Ahhh. Okay, well, glad we’re in the same club, lol! Great minds think (or not, lol) alike?

      Yes, I am a wee bit tech active. Always trying out the newest thing, and seeing if it has the “magic” — the thing I like the best. So far, no one thing has ever grabbed me completely. So I persist on all of them! Part of it is I have a lot of tech friends to keep up with, too. I think you have the better deal, though. Blog and email *should* be enough! Maybe one of these days I’ll simplify.

      You’re in Paris? Well, if you are, or if you happen to come here sometime, I’d love to meet up for coffee or something. You can go over to the “Contact” page her on the site and shoot me a private message if you like. I can email you back from there. 🙂

      Take care!

  9. Congrats to both of you! Aurelia told me about your great news. I am so happy for you guys. And how classy you look in your photo. Finding a soul mate in life is one of the best things.

    I am soon leaving for Canada. When the papers come. Thank you for your encouraging words. You always leave a sweet aroma after your blog visits. That is so precious and a true gift.

    • Thank you, Susa! 🙂

      I am so happy about your journey to a new life in Canada. I can’t wait to see the blog posts from there!

      And thank you for your sweet words as well. I do appreciate them very much. 🙂

      Be well!

  10. A wonderful photo of the two of you! So, it happened! You got married! I’m happy for you! All my best wishes!!! (Hope to see you soon!)

    • Hi Peter! It’s so nice to see you here, and thank you so much for visiting my blog when it has been about two centuries since I have visited yours. 😉 I appreciate it a lot. And thank you for the congratulations and good wishes, too. Yes, FINALLY it happened! I’ll have to send you a note of appreciation as well via email & perhaps we can coordinate a meeting to catch up. It has been a while since we met up, so we should change that, I think. 🙂

      Take care,

  11. Carole

    Congratulations! Can’t believe I forgot to comment on this post. Lots of exciting things happening in your life. Nice to see good things happen to good peeps! Wishing you and Mr. Alien peace, love and soul. 😉

    • Hey there, Carole!

      Thank you so, so much. 🙂 I told Paul he is now “Mr. Alien” and we both really love the wishes for peace, love, and soul. Lord knows we could all use more SOUL! Now I am singing James Brown songs in my head, hee hee!!

      Take care, and lots of peace, love, and soul back atcha, Carole. 😉

  12. Paris Karin and Paris Paul!!!! Have just this moment read your lovely news and hope you’ll accept my best wishes in a ‘better late than never’ mode — wishing you both all the very, very best for many happy and healthy years together.

    Absolutely love the photo. You both look wonderful. Hope we can cheer you in person one of these days in the not too distant future.

    Cheers to you both from Sydney where we are at the moment. Take care and good on ya!!! xoxoxoxox from C and C

    • Hi there C &C! 🙂 Well thank you so very much. 🙂 We’ll take congratulations forever and evermore, so there is no such thing as “late” in my book about that.

      Oh it would be great to meet up with you guys again very soon. Hope you’ll be in our neighborhood in the near future!

      Sydney! Well have a terrific time and safe travels to you, Carolyn. Thank you for stopping by to offer congratulations. 🙂 It’s much-appreciated.

      Hugs and kisses back,

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