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Photo taken on December 16, 2010 in the 19th, Ave Jean Jaurès

Yeah, it is supposed to say “Brasserie,” but the “Br” part of the lights wasn’t working. No, this was not Photoshopped. It really appeared this way. When I saw it, I laughed, and HAD to take a photo.

Somehow, it is appropriate for this post. 🙂

Failure is not falling down, but refusing to get back up. Chinese Proverb

I have not failed. I‘ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. Thomas Alva Edison

Get back on the horse that bucked you. American Proverb (no link, except this one — how to REALLY get back on a horse that’s bucked you)

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Special Report: Mademoiselle London ©


You know how sometimes you hear stories that make you think, “Wow. This was no accident! This was meant to be.”

Some days I can (and want) to go the other way: I can just as easily get behind the idea that everything is random and chaotic, hazardous and accidental. Especially about bad things. Who wants to believe that bad things happen on purpose? Not me.

But today I want to share a story that is about good things, serendipity, connections, meaningfulness, and a seeming plan. In short, something that seems full of kismet, or as it was put in the book The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho, maktub. It’s the Arabic word for “destiny” — literally, “it is written.”

As a lover of books and a hopeful writer wannabe, I appreciate the idea that our lives can be written like a story, if not each word, sentence, and paragraph completely set down, then at least as a healthy plot outline which we can follow, and that if we are attuned to our lives and inner sense of being and purpose, we can sense the narrative arc that we came into this life intending. Not to say there are not plot twists and turns along the way. I think that any author worth his or her salt will say that even though they go in intending to write one thing, sometimes another is what comes out. I venture to think our lives are similar.

In the story I plan to share here, a protagonist named MADEMOISELLE LONDON © was born.

The creation of Katya Jezzard-Payraud and Franki Goodwin, Mademoiselle London is the British Everygirl who has come to Paris to try her lot, as many before her, in the expatriate life.

What she finds is that she Hearts Paris, sometimes (quelquefois).

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Special Report: Discover Paris!™


Université de Paris Descartes, rue de l’École de Médecine,  October 21, 2010

One thing I have been enjoying very much about my time in Paris is having the privilege of meeting up with folks who are doing very innovative and dynamic things. I had such a privilege this past month when I met up with Tom Reeves and Monique Y. Wells of Discover Paris!™.

In a “professional” sense, this is my review of some of the pursuits Tom and Monique are making with their business, but in a private, personal sense, I’m sharing what they are doing as my newest expat acquaintances with whom I really “clicked” and felt that immediate personal connection we sometimes do with kindred spirits. Do you know what I mean?

While I have kind of avoided going the “review route” with my blog because this blog is mostly my personal journal of how I try to cope in the City of Light, not me trying to be a professional writer/journalist/blogger or anything like that, if I meet someone who is working on a business project as a self-employed entrepreneur, and I like what’s going on, you bet I am game for writing about it!

So without further ado, let me introduce Tom and Monique’s various projects and my thoughts about them. I hope that if you are reading this, and you are visiting Paris any time soon, you will consider using their services as you tour this city, especially if you would like a historical, cultural, and more-than-surface look at Paris’s past and present.

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