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Ghetto Living in Paris — Part Three


A view of the Eiffel Tower from the Avenue du Président Wilson exactly here. August 2010.

I am mostly putting this photo here so you know what this post is not going to be about.

The past month I spent more time than I really want to think about researching and constructing 100 word descriptions about the top sites and points of interest in Paris, France. One hundred of these 100 word descriptions later, I am a little sick of Paris, to be truthful.  Continue reading

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Château de Versailles – Part Three

Welcome to the third and final installation of My Visit to Versailles.

Me, in the cold, 12 December 2009

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Paris is Often Not My Kind of Girl

Autumn Colors
Bassin de la Villette, Quai de Loire, Paris
24 October 2009

I awoke at 6 am this morning. PJ has been setting his alarm for this time for the past two days to be able to get up to write, and my body clock has already set to wake up to that time, apparently. Also, I am still adjusting to the time change, which we here in Paris did the weekend before folks in the States (October 25) .

I did not try to go back to sleep. Instead, I arose, started some coffee and hot tea, got caught up on some email and a little on some blogs.

I replied to the comments on my previous blog. My commenters liked the dog poo story there, and re-reading it, I do, too, so go to the post and scroll to the end to read it, if you like and have not done so already.

I tried to take a photo of the the just-shy-of-full-and-now-waning moon winking in at me between the curtain panels of our living room window, but it came out too blurry to post here.

And now, I write.

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