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Happy Earth Day!


It’s an unexpected post from me. Thank you to all who read and commented on the previous post. I thought I would squeeze one more in before the fMIL gets here. I just got a phone call from the fMIL, who has just left for the airport. Her flight is on schedule and she was pre-boarded online, so it’s looking like she’ll have no problems getting here. I’ll try to check  in this next week with comments and so on, but this will be “it” for a few days, until we’re back to the usual here in the Alien Parisienne household.

Today I decided out-of-the-blue (I needed a break from all the cleaning — thanks, Reader Carole for reminding me that I have some cool places to go after doing mundane chores) to go out and take a walk in the Parc des Buttes Chaumont here in the 19th arrondissement. I took so many pretty photos and it was such a lovely time, I thought I would come back home and post a few of the prettier ones to share with you. The entire set is here on Flickr.

Happy Earth Day today!

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