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Château de Versailles – Part Three

Welcome to the third and final installation of My Visit to Versailles.

Me, in the cold, 12 December 2009

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Château de Versailles – Part Two

It’s a Monday, and here you go!!

Welcome to Part Two about my trip to Versailles this past December (2009). Part One can be found here. Part One includes an introduction about the Château,  information about who should and who should not visit, and preparations and recommendations about planning a trip there. UPDATE: I have also just posted Part Three: my post-trip analysis — what I learned and discovered, as well as some additional links for reading more on Versailles.

Part Two is about…

What To See While You Are There

There are essentially four big (huge) but basic things to see at Versailles: The Palace, The Gardens, the Grand Trianon, and the Queen’s Estate (the Petit Trianon and Hamlet).


Outside of the Palace

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Château de Versailles – Part One

Finally. Something I have been working on (or, really, not working so much on) for weeks now: the long-awaited post on Versailles. I’ve been “talking” this one up for so long now that I am at risk for letting you all down; after all my hype and your reading it, I’m worried that you will think, “That’s not such a great post! What was her problem in getting it done?”

Well, in my own defense of imaginary and (likely) unfounded criticisms (my Internal Critic must be set on “High” today), it has been the sheer massiveness of all that is the Château and grounds at Versailles, and trying to capture an essence of it, just a portion of my experience there, that has kept me in a perfectionistic bind of feeling I am not going to write about it adequately or to share accurately what it was I found there. This has become my bête noire of posts.

But, I have forged on. Herewith I present to you: My Visit to Versailles.


Marie-Antoinette and her three children by Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun, 1788

Photo source: ParisKarin (moi); information source: Mary Ann Sullivan, Bluffton University

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