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What I Did This Weekend

AKA Monday Annoyance that I cannot get everything accomplished that I wish to. One of the things I had hoped to do was FINALLY finish the post about the Rue de Mouzaïa, where I walked with the wonderful Peter of Peter’s Paris last DECEMBER (!) — photos here . It’s a charming little area tucked away in the center of the 19th arrondissement about which I have been meaning to blog since he and I met and had our adventure over three months ago (!!). But dirty floors and dishes called, and then I noticed the toilet really needed a good scrub. There were emails that needed to be written and a few posts read. Friends to be called. Food to prepare. All kinds of things which have interfered with my sitting down to knock out a post about the journey. I kept thinking to myself, “I want to post once a week!” and here I am, a week after my last post. So, I am going to do a quick (for me) post (go grab that cup of coffee or glass of wine. See you back here in a ‘sec).

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Photo News, New Moon Review & Thé Mariage Frères


Mural in M° Abbesses

27 June 2009

I am getting another late start at posting here today.

Part of it is that PJ started work a little later today and wanted to work on his movie review of “Twilight: New Moon” before going off to work shortly after 10 AM.

Part of it is that I seem to have zero energy today.

Part of it was that I was having such a good time watching “Ugly Betty: Season 1” this morning while PJ was writing that I just did not feel motivated to get online and write after he left for work. I actually kind of fell back asleep watching the last couple of episodes of the season, so maybe I have needed some rest.

But I am here now, on Day 20 of NaNoWriMo. I have ten days left to pull about 9,000 words out and post them here. I actually would like to surpass that number by about 1-2,000 words since in some early posts, I quoted a lot of external material, but we’ll see what happens.  I just realized that means an average of 2,000 words per day, and I know I probably won’t be posting this weekend. Aack. That might be cutting it close.

Well, I am not going to panic, just write. So here I go.

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IKEA Fun, Doctor Parnassus, Birthdays, Tattoos, The Amish Connection, and The Tetro Experience


It’s after 11 am. I have barely started this post as I am waiting for Flickr to upload photos and I have been goofing around reading David Lebovitz again. You *have* to read his post on IKEA here: Je craque!…pour le Daim. OMG, best post on IKEA, EVAH!

I love IKEA (ee-kay-ahh is how it is pronounced here). PJ and I went on a trip to the IKEA in the suburbs just north of Paris last April. It involved a Métro and then an RER (train) ride, oh and a bus ride, too. We folks without cars here in Paris have to get to IKEA the hard way, almost as if it is a pilgrimage. We walked around the displays, ate lunch there, and bought only as much as we could carry home on the return trip via bus, RER, and Métro. I don’t know that PJ was as thrilled to be there as I was, but I had a great time. I think he was thrilled that I had a great time, though.

Anyway, catch David’s post on Daim (candy) and IKEA from back in 2007. Please read if you have time: you *will* laugh.

It is Day 13 of NaNoWriMo. I have this morning as I sit to type 31, 175 words contributed to this blog. To repeat myself but in an effort to bolster my confidence that this has worth and purpose as a “novel-writing enterprise,” I am stating once again that my genre is “memoir” — personal and fictionalized (usually by omission) memoir.

Okay. *Whew* I feel better now. I can move on with some actual stuff that has been going on.

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