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Photo News, New Moon Review & Thé Mariage Frères


Mural in M° Abbesses

27 June 2009

I am getting another late start at posting here today.

Part of it is that PJ started work a little later today and wanted to work on his movie review of “Twilight: New Moon” before going off to work shortly after 10 AM.

Part of it is that I seem to have zero energy today.

Part of it was that I was having such a good time watching “Ugly Betty: Season 1” this morning while PJ was writing that I just did not feel motivated to get online and write after he left for work. I actually kind of fell back asleep watching the last couple of episodes of the season, so maybe I have needed some rest.

But I am here now, on Day 20 of NaNoWriMo. I have ten days left to pull about 9,000 words out and post them here. I actually would like to surpass that number by about 1-2,000 words since in some early posts, I quoted a lot of external material, but we’ll see what happens.  I just realized that means an average of 2,000 words per day, and I know I probably won’t be posting this weekend. Aack. That might be cutting it close.

Well, I am not going to panic, just write. So here I go.

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IKEA Fun, Doctor Parnassus, Birthdays, Tattoos, The Amish Connection, and The Tetro Experience


It’s after 11 am. I have barely started this post as I am waiting for Flickr to upload photos and I have been goofing around reading David Lebovitz again. You *have* to read his post on IKEA here: Je craque!…pour le Daim. OMG, best post on IKEA, EVAH!

I love IKEA (ee-kay-ahh is how it is pronounced here). PJ and I went on a trip to the IKEA in the suburbs just north of Paris last April. It involved a Métro and then an RER (train) ride, oh and a bus ride, too. We folks without cars here in Paris have to get to IKEA the hard way, almost as if it is a pilgrimage. We walked around the displays, ate lunch there, and bought only as much as we could carry home on the return trip via bus, RER, and Métro. I don’t know that PJ was as thrilled to be there as I was, but I had a great time. I think he was thrilled that I had a great time, though.

Anyway, catch David’s post on Daim (candy) and IKEA from back in 2007. Please read if you have time: you *will* laugh.

It is Day 13 of NaNoWriMo. I have this morning as I sit to type 31, 175 words contributed to this blog. To repeat myself but in an effort to bolster my confidence that this has worth and purpose as a “novel-writing enterprise,” I am stating once again that my genre is “memoir” — personal and fictionalized (usually by omission) memoir.

Okay. *Whew* I feel better now. I can move on with some actual stuff that has been going on.

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2012, Wallace Fountains, Good Reads, and Coffee


Me, in sepia, 10 November 2009

Hello all! I was being silly and snapped a bunch of self-portraits with the camera the other night. Then I decided to mess with them in Picasa. I changed them to sepia as in the full color versions I looked tired and a little washed-out (ironic statement, I know, lol).

12 November here, and 12 days into the NaNoWriMo November Challenge for me to write 50K words for this blog.  I did not write yesterday as it was Armistice Day, we had the Boy and Girl Children staying with us, PJ also does blogging and writing of his own (one of his sites is here), and computer time was going to be limited, I knew. I did not even attempt to check email.

Add to this that today I am feeling very disorganized in my brain, I am pressured for time (PJ is off early again today and we are going out this afternoon), the laundry is starting to pile up, and I had a little tiny bit of caffeine this morning.  Not a lot, but enough to make me jumpy and a little edgy, and just enough to make the feeling of pressure begin to suffocate me and pull me under. I am wondering if my word count for the blog, the laundry, the schedule of things I am doing today, and the bit of anxiety I feel will tsunami over me. Yes, using the noun as a verb there.

Maybe it was also the movie we saw yesterday that makes me think of tsunamis. Continue reading

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