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Special Report — Time Traveler Tours Presents: Beware Madame La Guillotine

Update: As of July 26, 2011, “Beware Madame La Guillotine” is available for the iPhone and iTouch at the iTunes App Store! You can find more information at the App Store Link here.

I’m a lover of tales and I enjoy finding treasure, literal and metaphorical. For who does not enjoy a good treasure hunt?

And while my food allergies/intolerances prohibit me from eating many of the culinary pleasures in Paris, some of the things in which I can partake are Paris’ history and mysteries. It was therefore my great pleasure to have taken, in part, Time Traveler Tours’ presentation of “Beware Madame La Guillotine” on a rainy June afternoon along with its creator, Sarah Towle.

Here in another “Special Report,” I’ll share with you about the tour, a bit of Sarah’s story, and my thoughts on the my experience taking the tour.

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Image: Charlotte Corday, Wikimedia Commons

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MONUMENTA 2011 – Anish Kapoor: KA-POW!

Monumenta 2011 - Anish Kapoor: KA-POW!

It’s huge. It’s gigantic. It’s enormous! NO, it’s MONUMENTA.

In brief:

What is it?

It’s a gigantic, temporary, contemporary art installation called “Leviathan” by renowned artist/sculptor Anish Kapoor.

Where is it?

It’s at the Grand Palais in Paris, France. Enter at the Main Entrance, Avenue Winston Churchill, 75008.

When is it?

It’s from May 11 to June 23, 2011, everyday except Tuesdays.
Mon & Wed — 10 am to 7 pm.

Thurs-Sun — 10 am to midnight.

Please note that the last entry to the exhibit is 45 min before the closing time.

This upcoming Saturday, May 14, for the Night at the Museums (Nuit des musées), the exhibit will be open from 10 am to 1 am (free entry begins at 7 pm). For more information on the Nuit des musées in Paris, see here: Nuit des Musées. Select “Paris” to view all 231 events in the city.

How much does it cost?

It’s 5€ for the full-rate, half-price for those who qualify (unemployed, those aged 13-18, etc.). Free for Under-13s, journalists with press passes, and others who qualify (see Practical Information on the Monumenta website ). There is a 10€ pass for unlimited entry for the entire duration of the exhibition. Paid admission allows the ticket holder into the evening events on the same day.

Why should I go?

You should go because the sheer scope and scale of the installation will blow your mind. KA-POW!

To learn more about my own experience and thoughts on the MONUMENTA 2011 installation by Anish Kapoor, for which I attended the Press Opening on May 10, 2011, please keep reading.

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Special Report — PARIS, Paris: Journey into the City of Light

Okay, kids. As promised, here is my review of  PARIS, Paris: Journey into the City of Light.

PARIS, Paris: Journey into the City of Light
by David Downie, 2011, New York: Broadway Books
Photographs by Alison Harris
Foreward by Diane Johnson, author of Le Divorce

PARIS, Paris: Journey into the City of Light is a collection of 31 essays about La Ville Lumière in which historical and personal narratives enlighten readers about Paris’s present. Author David Downie has distilled decades of study and experience and blended it with his unique adventures as a 25-year resident of Paris, resulting in chapters that are not only rich, but accessible reading because of Downie’s down-to-earth personality infusing the text. Downie writes in the chapter entitled “The Janus City,” “… in this old Europe of which Paris is still the cultural capital, to look forward we must first look back” (p. 284). The essays, which are anchored in Downie’s own curiosity about and explorations of the city, are ballasted in historical perspective. Fine photos by his wife and professional photographer, Alison Harris, anchor each chapter with a unique perspective. Like a good whisky, the reading goes down smoothly, and one feels satisfied from first taste to lasting finish.

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