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Chloe Lodge Photography: Musings With Light


Those of you who blog and/or write may have had the following experience:

You have many things in mind about which you would like to write, some of which you have been intending to write for a long while, and that first sentence is one which causes you to get hung up because it is just so damn hard to find the right (write?) way to begin.


I got that out of the way. Nothing like just jumping in, is there? Beginning this post after not having written for this blog for a while has been causing me to stall, choking like a tiny Cessna in mid-air, losing altitude (or in this case, my writing wings). But I can feel the sputters of the engine as it ignites, comes to full power, and once more, I’m flying.

Welcome back, readers.

What I have been intending to write about since around the end of March has been a post about photographer Chloe Lodge, whom I have had the great pleasure of getting to know as she has been studying for her Masters in Photography at the Spéos Photographic Institute here in Paris, France.

To learn more about this talented photographer, please keep reading!

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Hodge Podge


Oranges on the tree at Janet’s house in Antibes, France, February 2010.

I just read a post by blogger extraordinaire David Lebovitz about his making “Compost Cookies,” or “Amnesty Cookies” as he called them. He ties together the concept of having an “Email Amnesty Day” whereby a person deletes all of his or her inbox in an attempt to lighten his or her load with the idea of making Compost Cookies, which entails going through one’s cupboards and putting a hodge podge of ingredients in the dough in order to lighten the contents of the cupboards, if not one’s waistline. It’s a post written with his usual light humor and aplomb, but it also gave me an idea.

I have Chrome Open Tab Disorder right now, which is the condition by which one has a bajillion tabs open in his or her browser, so many that the top bar of the browser looks like this:

browser open tabs

(I made this image “private” in Flickr, so you can’t click on it to see it any bigger, but it gives you the idea that that’s what my Google Chrome browser looks like right now: a bar of salmon pink open tabs where I cannot even tell which tab is which anymore! I have to play “Hunt the Website” by clicking on various tabs to see which page is attached to it in order to find anything.)

I decided that the only cure for this disease, which exists because I have Blogstipation too often, is to purge here on the page about all the tabs I have open about which I have something to say or make note of. I am going to do the same as David has done, except instead of bake cookies with ingredients piling up in cupboards, I am going to cook up a blog of odds and ends which have interested me in recent days.

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