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Back to the Blog & Christmas Lights

The moon in our window

A suncatcher/hanging I gave to PJ for his birthday yesterday. It is a fairy resting on a crescent moon. I found it when I went shopping a couple months ago at the Marché aux Fleurs.

I’ve taken a week off of blogging at my site here after officially completing the writing of 63,523 words for this blog during the month of November during the NaNoWriMo challenge. I was pretty pooped after all that writing. Still, I have missed coming here and posting with great frequency and voluminocity. According to spell-check, “voluminocity” is not a word. I am sure it is supposed to be something boring like “volume” or “voluminousness.” Yup, those ones check out. But “voluminocity” feels like a good word — a combo of “volume” and “velocity.” That’s the word I want to describe what I felt like for the month of November here.

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NaNoWriMo Ends – Crazy Quilting This Blog to Wrap Up


The Eiffel Tower at midnight, 21 (22) November 2009

Today it ends – National Novel Writing Month. I have spent the past 30 days accruing words on this not-so-novel-but-writing-project-nonetheless.  As of last Friday, I now have 54,952 words posted on this blog, give or take. By adding WordPress word counts manually, that’s what it says I have. I have yet to upload to the NaNoWriMo site to verify my word count, but I will do that when I finish this post.

What is foremost in my mind today however is, “How do I wrap this month up on this blog? What is the “ending” to the stories I have been telling this past month?

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