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Giving Something a Try

La Nuit Blanche, Saturday 2 October, 2010 — Parc de Belleville — Mon Repos aux Tuileries by Claude Lévêque

I’ve seen others use Posterous to post blogs, media (such as photos), and other information. I did not ever create an account before, though, as I felt I had too many already! But with the capability to cross-post to multiple places like Twitter, and Facebook, and so on at the click of one button, I am seeing the usefulness of having a place to do just that, and Posterous is it (thank you, Mr. Ashton Kutcher for the suggestion — yes, I am connected to him on FB and Twitter, too, haha! And Mrs. Kutcher, too). Continue reading

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Still Here — Sort Of


Jardin des Plantes, September 4, 2010

Unlike these sunflowers, I have not died. But this blog sure seems to have gone the way of dodos, 8-track tapes, and leisure suits, hasn’t it?

I thought I would take a quick minute (although this is me here, so take the word “minute” with a grain of gros sel de cuisine and go grab your cup of coffee, or glass of wine, or whatever) to let you know what has been up and why my corner of the bloghood has been so quiet of late. Continue reading

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