Books, Books, Books

Books June 2009

Books in a book market in June 2009, near Saint Sulpice

“… for some of us, books are as important as almost anything on earth.

What a miracle it is that out of these small, flat, rigid, squares of paper

unfolds world after world after world,

worlds that sing to you, comfort and quiet or excite you.

Books help us understand who we are and how we are to behave.

They show us what community and friendship mean;

they show us how to live and how to die….

An author makes you notice, makes you pay attention, and this is a great gift.”

(Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott, pages 14-15)

Hello Readers!

I wanted to let you know about something special going on on Paris this coming weekend.

WHAT: a book sale where one can buy paperbacks for only a euro and hardcovers for 2€

WHEN: Sunday, March 25, 2012, noon to 4 pm

WHERE: Orrick Law Offices, 31, avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie, 75016, Paris

WHY: The semi-annual book sale is one of the main fundraisers for the volunteer organization SOS Help, an English-language emotional support line for the international community in France.

Since 1974, SOS Help has been “listen[ing] to callers speaking about issues as wide-ranging as loneliness, depression, health concerns, bereavement, money problems, unemployment, difficulties with friends or family, or substance abuse.” Anonymous and confidential, the listening line is staffed from 3 pm to 11 pm every day of the year by volunteers who are trained by professionals “to provide empathetic, supportive, and non-judgmental listening to anyone going through a difficult or painful life experience.” (quotes from the SOS Help Facebook Info page linked above. For more information, also see their website: SOS Help)

I can’t imagine a more fun thing to do on a Sunday afternoon than to shop for inexpensive books and help out a very worthy organization at the same time. In fact, to inspire you, just check out this haul that Sion of Paris (Im)perfect came away with last October during the fall sale in her post Books, Glorious Books!

I am going this year with a really big bag and some babysitting cash in pocket. In fact, one wee one I watch has parents that volunteer for this organization, and they are really swell people. I’m happy to put some of my earnings back to an organization they support. Full circle, pay-it-forward, All That Jazz. Result? I get to read more in the process. Also, if you have books you would like to donate, you can take them with you! Lighten your load!

Can’t come to Paris to participate? Well, find something you can do in your community this weekend to support a worthy cause.

So, how am I seizing the day of late? How am I taking care of myself? Read on to find out what I have been up to in trying to accomplish these two goals.

175 pages of the "shitty first draft," as Anne Lamott calls it

Maybe some of you remember that last November I was once more “NaNo-ing” and writing a novel in 30 days (see here). My goal was to write 50,000 words of a fictional work, and my personal goal this year was to have a clear beginning, middle, and end to the story (aka “a plot”). I did it! I wound up writing 52,389 words, which translates to 175 pages of creative fiction.

I took the month of December off, although I was doing things to further my creative process. I had a chance to meet up with Cynthia Morris of  Original Impulse. She lives in Denver, my hometown, and she was in town for a few weeks. We had a chance to connect a couple of times while she was here, and I was so inspired talking to her. If you don’t already follow her blog, and you are a creative type who would like to get your creative juices flowing, please check out her posts. She also creates really fun videos and has a newsletter you can sign up for, too. If you are really serious about getting a creative kick in the pants, she is a writing and creative coach, and you can hire her for her services. Her workshops also look terrific. Check her stuff out.

In January and February I read a few more Young Adult novels to remember what things I liked about some of my favorite books when I was 11 to 14 years old.

I downloaded to my Kindle and read Anne Lamott’s book I quoted up there. Yes! I got a Kindle for Christmas! I find there is some irony with the quote I posted and the fact that I read her work on writing on an eReader. I did not know how I would feel about having one, but my best friend got me one and so of course I accepted it and have been reading on it. I honestly have to say it’s great. I appreciate so much being able to carry several books in my handbag, as well as English/French French/English dictionaries. Since I don’t have a Smartphone (yet), having the Kindle has made my reading experience much more portable. I can also download articles from the web using a web application called Kindle It. Someone’s blog too long to read while you are at the computer? (*ahem*) Use Kindle It to download and read it when you can on your Kindle (or other readers, too. See the site for more info).

just a small portion of the collection

I will never give up “real books” (obviously — what you see pictured is a fraction of the books I have accumulated in the 3 years and 9 months I have lived here — the ones in that stack are mostly ones I still have to read. And a couple of DVDs to watch, too). I have discovered that for doing research and studying, it is a lot better for me to have an actual text in front of me. Patterns of learning are hard to change at my age and stage. And then there are books that seem worthy to me of having in either paperback or hardcover. I like colored pens and underlining in my books. I like dog-earing pages and the feel of paper in my hands. But, more than anything I LOVE TO READ so I think an eReader is for me, too. I am a READER first, and a book lover second. Heck, I will read almost anything that has print on it and don’t really care what format it is in, as long as I am inspired, educated, transported, entertained…

So what about my “book”? This month I decided to start Martha Alderson’s program (she has a 30-day follow up program called “PlotWriMo” that I am trying out from her blog The Plot Whisperer). It’s to help me revise what I wrote for NaNoWriMo this past year.

So far, I have worked on five days’ worth of her material. I’m about two weeks behind schedule from the daily work I thought I might do.  I kind of got a little discouraged when in the first week of work I realized that I really did not have a “CRISIS” nor an adequate “CLIMAX” to my tale. Sure, I have a crisis and climax — I know that they are a part of a good plot and I did write a crisis and climax of sorts. But they suck royally. Honestly, I followed Martha’s advice and still have not even read through my draft. Doing that comes in the third week of work, I think (which will be the third month of work at the rate I am going). I just know from my memory of what I wrote that my novel is void of an interesting and gripping crisis and climax, and has really, really sucky aspects to it.

I want to get back to revising and CARPE DIEM with regards to the novel, but… I dunno.

To be more honest, spring is arriving, and it is really pretty. And it makes me want to be outside, enjoying life instead of writing stories about imaginary people.

The tulips in my planters which I put in the Ghetto Garden are starting to sprout/grow/do their thing.


And check out what was going on across the Seine from the tip of the Île-de-Saint-Louis on Friday (on the Quai Saint Bernard in the open-air Musée de la Sculpture en Plein Air):

the flowers & leaves are starting to come out on the flowering trees & willows

For some other lovely spring photos, and a helluva fantastic post on the Île-de-la-Cité (sister island of the Île-de-Saint-Louis in the Seine), please hop over to Peter’s Paris March 15 post “Close to Notre Dame.”

In fact, it is officially changing into the Vernal Equinox as I type and post this. Well, I think it is something like 5 am GMT on the 20th (so the 19th for those of you in North and South America). HAPPY SPRING!

I have many things on my To Do List. Many of them go undone. I am trying to keep a balance between caring for myself (my health and well-being are still a little precarious these days. Maybe a post on that in the future…) and seizing life day by day. I have not found the answer to achieving that balance, and honestly don’t know what I am going to do with my draft.

another view of the "shitty first draft"

I’m really proud of doing what I did. It’s not easy to create a world on paper. Authors, even the crappy ones, have my utmost respect because it is, in fact, REALLY HARD to get a decent novel on paper, and for very little reward except knowing you did it. Or, if you are one of the Stephen Kings of the world, then perhaps a nice house or car. But those kinds of authors are relatively rare. I’m not in it for that kind of glory. I’d just really like to write a book I might have read and liked when I was a kid. I’d like some kid to read it and be inspired by the characters and world I create. I’d like them to be able to escape into the story and get lost in it for a few hours or a few days (or maybe weeks, I guess, if the kid is an über-slow reader).

I am not sure what I owe it or myself in continuing to revise it at this point, though. I’m discouraged by the hard work, and distracted by the many, many things that grab my attention in a given day. I’m also not sure if this is the story that really grabs me and makes me want to write it. Any of you know what I mean?

How do you grapple with the things you need or want to do? How do you try to keep balance in ordering your life and your To Do List? Any great time management tips you have? Please share them below. I’d appreciate it. 🙂 Or, if you have advice about revising a work. I could use that, too.

Well, speaking of time, and making time for me, taking care of myself, and achieving things on the To Do List, I need to wrap this up and go read my book club book. We’re meeting on Thursday and I still have a LOT to read. It’s The Lemon Tree. I really like it, but I have not been keeping up with reading it over the past month.  So it’s off to bed with me, and into the book.

Have a great first day of Spring and see you here again soon!

Over & out.

Paris Karin

(an alien parisienne)

P.S. I have a very busy week after today & through the rest of the week. Please pardon me if I don’t reply to your comments right away or post them quickly if they have gone into moderation. Also FYI, there is a lovely blog I read and, for some weird reason, my comments always go to her spam folder! I send her a note on Twitter and she checks her Spam folder and posts my comment. If you ever comment and it does not post, please feel free to send me a note via the Contact page to let me know. It may have inadvertently gone to the Spam folder here on WordPress! I can fish it out and make sure it posts.

P.P.S. Here is another cute photo I took on Friday that I wanted to share:

ahhhh, Paris in the Springtime!

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34 thoughts on “Books, Books, Books

  1. I am clapping up and down here, wish you could see me 😀

  2. I love your post here on Books, Books, Books….reading is my most favorite pastime. I always say IF I was ever stranded and snowed in somewhere let it be the library..or if I was to be left on a forgotten island I would be alright as long as I had plenty of books 🙂 and a little food lol

    • Maybe you could eat the pages of the books you’d read. 😉 Hee hee. I know totally what you mean, though. Hmmmmm, now there is a novel idea! Someone who gets stranded in a library, maybe like that guy who was stranded in the Newark airport (or wherever it was…). Wasn’t there a movie starring Tom Hanks about that guy?

      Thanks for reading, janeenate!

  3. Kate Boyington

    I LOVE Anne Lamott! She is one of my favorite authors. I have read all her books and essays. I love the vibrant way she describes everything including church. I love the way she describes crawling out of drug addiction and self pity, pulling herself up by her dreadlocks, and moving forward. Operating Instructions was great! I read that one when my son was born. I watched the video of our wedding today and I saw you and your son. I miss your face! I would love to read your draft if you are ever at a point that you would like to share it. I wish you could see my house full of book shelves, boxes of books, stacks of books, books on the couch, books on the floor, books in the kitchen. My kids are voracious readers, too, and we love telling what our books are about. Love books! Love you! I so wish I could go to Paris to the book sale, but I am afraid I am too far away. I will be there in spirit.

    • Hi Kate!

      Isn’t Anne Lamott great? I read Operating Instructions, too, back when Sam was a baby and I laughed & laughed! Her son is named “Sam” too, so I always got a kick out of that.

      I remember the day you got married, too — in fact, I was such a new mom that I had trouble getting out of the house that day. I think Sam was all of 10 days old. Plus, since you guys were up in the mountains a ways, I remember not planning very well for the drive. But everything was so NEW — putting the car seat in the car, making sure I had the diaper bag all stocked, lol — the works. Anyway, I remember being there for the reception part. 😀

      I’d love to see your house with all your books. Start a blog and write about it, lol. Or better yet, just post a few photos to Facebook and let me know they are there.

      The book sale was very good! I came away with a couple of old faves as well as books new to me. I got 11, I think.

      Best, Kate and much love from Paris!

  4. Good luck with the writing! It’s true that it is extremely difficult to get things actually down on paper. You have so much to say and say it so well that I really hope you’re able to pull it all together in a way that satisfies you.

    Good luck as well with the book sale. It’s a good cause and I love that picture of the books you posted!

    The photos of our walk on Friday turned out really well. It was a great day for a walk and a nice lunch.


    • Here we are a week later (gosh the week went fast) and I wish I could say the writing was better. In fact, it feels worse. But thank you for saying I say it well. 😀 I wish I could feel I am pulling anything together right now! You know the images of a galaxy? Like this one? <—- That's a Whirlpool Galaxy. How it's arms are spinning off all over the place? That's how I feel! Spinning and spinning and bits of me are flying off in the process. I want to slow my pace and try to tighten those arms in. It probably means being less social and more withdrawn — to prioritize what is going on. Anyway, so it goes. I'll figure it out.

      I love that pic, too. An "oldie but goodie" from the Alien Archives. 🙂

      I loved the walk and lunch, too. Hard to believe it was over a week ago! (See beginning of comment, lol.)

      Love you.

  5. I will never give up real books either, even though I have an iPad it is still weird to read a book on it and I am still buying the “real ones.” No matter what happens with your book you should be proud you got it as far as you did. I have a book I want to write and I only wrote the first 3 chapters before giving up because it is too hard and requires more work than I am willing to put into it for now. It is hard! Continue to honor yourself – that is what is important. It was fun to see “your square” again in your ghetto garden photo – I got used to the monthly updates on what was going on out your window!

    • Hi Andi!

      I finally made it back here. I had no idea when I posted this that the next week was going to be as crazy as it turned out! But it did.

      So I got 11 real books at the sale on Sunday, and I heard today from the woman I know who volunteers that it was their most successful book sale to date! Yay!

      Thanks for these words: “No matter what happens with your book you should be proud you got it as far as you did.” I really have to keep that in perspective! NaNo always teaches me something. What I am learning is that to go the “long haul,” you actually have to be kind of interested in/invested in your idea, and I am not really feeling it with that manuscript right now. Part of it could be that I am not sitting and doing the work (like you mentioned — the hard work part is HARD), but part of the reason I am not sitting and doing the work is that I am not really interested in that story right now! So I am deciding that I am content with letting it sit. In the meantime, I also have Stephen King’s book on writing to read, and I’m going to move forward with that next. Honoring myself — honoring ourselves, GOSH why is that so hard to do sometimes?! LOL!! But yeah, I am and have been.

      I have more Ghetto Plaza updates in photos — I hope to post them very soon. Here, somewhere… I know you’ll see them. 🙂

      Take care, Andi!

  6. Happy Spring Karin…been awhile since we’ve seen a picture out your window…must mean you are out there enjoying Paris from the ground level…

    good luck with the book and book(s)!!

    • Hello Deb!!

      So nice to have you stop by. I’m glad I could give you a view out the window. And yes, I have been doing a LOT on ground level in Paris! In fact, I think I might know what to write about next. I’ll see what I can do about that.

      I got a lot of good books — more on that, too, soon.

      Hugs from Paris & say hi to Ontario for me. 😀

  7. Carole

    I adore books. They make my heart go pitter-pat! How I wish I could attend the book sale. Hope you find loads of wonderful books.

    You are busy! Don’t know how you manage. I am still trying to find a decent work/life balance. It’s an ongoing process.

    Good luck with the book. Do give in to your spring fever and head outdoors. Carry a notebook with you to jot things down while you are out. Sitting by the river in the warm sun is a good way to clear your head!

    • I know what you mean about books making the heart flutter! (in the good way, lol)

      I was just thinking, it would be a really hard decision if someone offered me a free book or free chocolate. If I could only choose one. Like Sophie’s Choice or something (lol — that’s horrible, lol — I should not be equating that to Sophie’s Choice, heh!! That’s twisted, lol. 😀 And I really did just kind of barf “LOLs” all over the place there, didn’t I, ha).

      I have been out a LOT and trying to take pictures of the beautiful flowers that are popping up all over! That was the equivalent of a notebook this week. I’d like to post some here. I’ll see what I can do about that.

      I seriously do not know how it is that I manage to be so very busy without working full time. Maybe it is being in a city and having a city life? That could be part of it. Denver, Colorado is so pokey compared to speedy Paris, and speedy Paris looks like life in the slow lane compared to NYC, I have heard. But it is still a very cosmopolitan city and hustles and bustles just like any other major city, I guess.

      Hugs, Carole, and I hope your neck of the woods is experiencing a nice springtime, too. Where you are is so laid back! I could go for some of that right now!

  8. Hi Karin,

    Happy Spring to ya, girlfriend!! Yes, Spring is popping up with lots of ambition and joie de vivre chez Karin. I know ZILCH about writing and I tip my hat to you for being committed to writing. It is a long road to travel. If I could honestly say one thing it is “take your time”. If the draft sucks this time( all in due respect 🙂 ), next time, you will have learned from that. I am sure.
    Stepping stone to stepping stone…

    I have become such a lazy reader that I it is shameful in front of readers like yourself!

    Wishing you happy and active days to come and maybe we can get together on one of these Spring days?! To put more Carpe in da Diem 😉
    Hugs xo

    • Hi Barb!

      I hope you have been having some happy picture-taking times. 🙂 It’s been great weather to photograph!

      Hey, you know what? This is the best writing advice ever: “Stepping stone to stepping stone…” (essentially the same idea as the book Bird By Bird). Piece by piece, and part by part. Just like life, huh.

      You know, I would love to see the park in your neck of the Paris woods. I heard that Clive and Carolyn are going to visit there with you & I’d love to check it out sometime, too. So yes, we have to figure this out! You’ve traveled far to get to my place & it would be good of me to travel to your area, too. I’ll write myself a note to email you about it.

      Hugs back, Barb.

  9. milsters

    Hi Karin! So lovely to meet you at THATLou tonight! So sorry I had to run but my brother is in town visiting and I wanted to take him to a nice restaurant n rue Montorgueil afterwards. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed the rest of the evening!

    Btw, here is a link to my blog 🙂

    Milsters / Milla

    • Hi there! It was nice to meet you, too, Milla! I hope that you had a good evening with your brother. I just opened your blog up in a new tab and will have a look as soon as I finish responding to comments here.

      Thanks for stopping by and reminding me of your blog name!

      Take care!

  10. “Bird by Bird” is one of my favorite books in the world if only for the phrase “shitty first draft.” What gorgeous, wonderful, freeing permissing! I’m an advertising copywriter in my day job and under such tight deadlines all the time that there’s no room whatsoever for a draft of any kind, let alone a shitty one. What I write has to be search-engine friendly, well-crafted, specific, catchy and accurate the first time, because there are going to be about 130 more things to write for by the end of the week.

    Sometimes I wonder if my career writing has destroyed my creative writing. It’s hard, hard, hard not to think I have to carry that kind of standard into my personal writing. That I can just write for the joy and the love of it and acutally go back to it to refine it. But I did discover something helpful when I had an idea I wanted to write down and wasn’t near my computer – I actually got some paper and a pen and just wrote. I couldn’t go back and edit or copy/paste or word count or anything I compulsively do when I’m writing on a computer. I just put my hand to the page and wrote it out. It was, truly, a shitty first draft, but I think I allowed myself more freedom and more expression than had I tried to make it “perfect” the first time around.

    Interesting that I allow myself all sorts of leeway when I’m learning a piece on the harp. Practice slow, note by note (bird by bird) gradually get up to speed. Maybe that’s the lesson I needed to talk out here in this (long, forgive me) comment – treat my writing like learning a new piece on the harp. Built it up to beauty.

    I love your springtime in Paris photos – thanks for sharing them. Spring is a wonderful time to take care of yourself as you emerge from winter hibernation.

    • I love this comment, Amy, and please don’t ever apologize for leaving a long one! I love it when I can comment a lot about something in someone’s post and it gets the old “writing juices” and thought process going, so by all means write how much you like whenever you like. 🙂

      The “shitty first draft” is indeed a revelation, isn’t it? It’s the one thing I really agree with in the whole NaNoWriMo method of churning something out. I don’t know that it works for every person for every book, but there is certainly something freeing about just getting the words down and telling that inner critic to take a hike.

      I just started watching “Man Men” and now am thinking about Peggy and her job when you described yours. OMG!!! I don’t know how you do that! I can’t imagine those deadlines! Makes me break out in hives, practically, just thinking about it. No wonder they all smoke on “Mad Men”, lol.

      I have read that notebook writing is ideal for just the kind of thing you described — that putting pen to paper activates something deep in the mind, and that with no way to go back and revise using a “Delete” key, you have to just let it all “hang out there.”

      And yes, it is really interesting that you are more forgiving of your process on the harp! Huh! Yes, perhaps if you use the notebook and then also treat the writing like the musical piece, the creativity can blossom again!

      I hope spring in Minnesota is also shaping up. I just listened to Garrison Keillor’s “News from Lake Wobegon” yesterday and he said that it was. 😉

      Take care, Amy!

      • Oh, I have to watch Mad Men. I think I’m the only person in the universe who hasn’t. Maybe I’ll put down the books for a few weeks and just indulge in some good TV!

      • Oh I think you would really like “Mad Men”! I finally just started watching this past month. I had been meaning to, in fact, I *had* watched an epi some time ago (maybe in 2010?) and just wasn’t into it, but I tried it again last month (while babysitting for the couple I mention in this post — they had the DVDs and I checked them out while they were at a concert) and am really loving it. I just have a sense you might, too! 😉

  11. I’d love to go to the book sale in Paris but books are too heavy to bring back home on the plane although I always try to bring several back because it’s hard to find good second-hand books in French around here. The last time we went to the library book sale we brought back a full grocery bag of books. There was also the American University Women books sale in September with 75,000 books for sale – I did find six in French. I have been reading since I was a wee child. We have too many books at home but it’s so hard to get rid of them.

    I can appreciate how hard it would be to write a book. It is not easy for me to write a post, and that is only about a couple of pages. It’s almost a year since we went to Paris and saw you – and I have not finished writing my posts on Paris. I get sidetracked constantly but eventually I get back to my former trips. We are going to New Orleans in a couple of weeks, it’s not Paris but food is good there and there is the “French” quarter… We’ll be babysitting while our daughter is attending a professional meeting. Do you have a title for your book yet? I would think that it is difficult to decide on a title, and they are so important. Thanks for coming to my blog and writing such a nice comment.

  12. All the best with writing, my lovely.
    I adore books. They are my constant companion. How did I manage to miss this?
    Warmly hope you are happy and well. Must meet up for tea sometime;-)

  13. Hello Karin
    The only way I can experience my dream is through books…So bravo to books and their writers.
    I have seen your pics. on flicker… thank-you for the tour, all lovely!
    Until then I shall keep dreaming..
    G. ~ Canada

  14. The only way I can experiences my Paris dream is through books, and wonderful web site as yours. So bravo to books, and their writers.
    I have been to your flicker pics…all lovely…thank-you for the tour.

  15. Love this Karin! I still read books (they have to be hardback) and magazines. Despite loving the blogging world, when it comes to reading, I’m all about the book and magazine.

  16. Last post on march 19, 2012 ? Where are you now ? 🙂
    Anyway, I agree with you, paper of e-book, books are great and bring us the best of humanity.

    Several things drew my attention: You like reading, and a lot of books about France are in your stack. Plus you have a kindle! 🙂 So maybe you should know about my new e-book: “Being French! A Frenchman’s Guide to a More Sensual Life”

    A little visit on my blog (see url of this post) will tell you what this book is all about 🙂

    • Hello there! Yes, François, I will check it out.

      Unfortunately, I had to abruptly return to the US this summer for an indefinite period of time to deal with some personal business. I don’t know when or if I will be able to come back to France, so things have been quiet here because of that. If I can, I may write a final post here to close out An Alien Parisienne, but so far have not had the heart to do so.

      But I do still have the Kindle! Thank you for the tip to check out your e-book.

      Be well!


  17. Hi Karin,

    You will love Being French! 🙂 I had the opportunity to mutli test the book near American women, using my character in Second Life for that, and they absolutely all loved it so far:) Some of them even claimed that it had change things in them, allowing new paths in life and so forth, … 🙂

    And for your very nice blog, you know what? maybe don’t close it now. Being a lot around American blogs lately I see that some of your country fellows are going on blogging on Paris and France while being back to USA. You can orient your topics differently and also, a blog don’t necessarily need to be updated every day.

    Anyway I hope you’ll be back with us one day, and let’s have a drink together at “la terrasse du café de Flore” when you do! 🙂

    • Thanks, François, and you know, I might just keep on blogging, at some point. I have been doing it since 2004, so it is kind of hard to just stop it in full. 🙂 I’m sure something will snag me at some point about which to write.

      I got the preview chapter (the Kindle sample chapter) of the book and it does sound very entertaining and enlightening! As soon as I can afford to buy it outright I would love to do that.

      And tell you what, I will for sure have an imaginary drink as I imagine sitting on the terrasse of the café de Flore. In fact, I did that once while I was in Paris, and an American TV star sat with his friends at the table just next to mine. The girl I was with actually *knew* him (she had in fact kissed him at a party in NYC probably about a decade before he became well-known on the show). The funny thing was that I did not even figure out who he was until we left the café, and she said to me, “You know, he’s that guy on ‘Cougartown'” and I smacked my head with recognition. Bien sûr!! I hate it when things like that happen — you only realize them after-the-fact. Story of my life, lol!

      Alas, it was an amusing time, and now a good memory. *tchin tchin* At least I will always have Paris. 😉

      Take care & best of luck with the book. I’ll tell you what, I will for sure post something on Facebook about it, and see if I can’t drum up some more interest for you, eh?

      Bon chance!

      • Funny story! 🙂 And yes you’re much likely to see famous persons at the terrasse du Flore (it often happen when I’m there) then in the casual coffee bar in periferal quarters 🙂
        Thank you very much for advocating “Being French!” in facebook. I sent a friend request to you there. And yes it was very important for me to not only bring insights but also to real keep it entertaining all along, which I apparently succeeded in since, as you just did, all the women (my main audience 🙂 ) having read some of my pages it found the book entertaining as well so far.

        Thank you Karin! I’ll say more to you in facebook messaging.

        François R.

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