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  1. Tania

    Hi Karin. I just found out I can’t tolerate much gluten, and I am moving to Paris for 6 months. Do you have any favorite stores/restaurants for gluten free products? Thanks! Tania

    • pariskarin

      Hi Tania!

      I do have some favorite stores. Naturalia is a health food and organic food store chain in Paris, and their website has their many locations in the city listed here: (main website)

      and here: Naturalia Nos Magasins

      (the specific map of locations in Paris).

      I have not yet been to this store, Biosphäre, but I read that it has a lot of gluten free products available.

      Also, if you have not read David Lebovitz’s blog, especially this post here: Gluten Free Eating in Paris, you should check it out. There is some great advice there!

      Do you know what arrondissement you will be living in? I might be able to give you some more specific advice if I know the area in which you will be staying. 🙂

      Thanks for coming by and for your comment/question!

      • Tania

        Hi Karin,
        I did read David Lebovitz’s post, and I found it very helpful too. I am glad to get your personal review of Naturalia. We are still pinning down a place to stay: most likely, we’ll have temporary housing for 2 weeks as we search. I am sure our kitchen will be miniscule and possibly without an oven, so I’m betting on a diet of fresh produce, meat, some dairy products, and a few seed grains.

        DO you find grains like quinoa and amaranth to be readily available at Naturalia?

        Our goal is to be in the vicinity of the 5th. Thank you so much again! Tania

      • pariskarin

        Hi Tania! I am glad you came back and also glad to know that you read David’s post as I find it is really accurate and helpful. Yes, Naturalia does have alternative grains available, quinoa for certain, and I think I have seen amaranth in their stores, too. I react badly to quinoa for some reason and have had to stop eating it (it’s a bummer as it is such a nice grain to work with!), so I have not been paying as close attention to seed grains available these days.

        I also go to a Biocoop store here in the 19th called Canal Bio. I like them as they sell grains and rice in bulk and it is a little cheaper than the pre-packaged stuff. Also, though, you should check out the store Leader Price (which I have blogged about here) and maybe Franprix, which carries their products. They have a line of Bio (organic) foods and quinoa and basmati and brown rice are a part of the Leader Price Bio line! They are very inexpensive. Potatoes are very abundant in stores, too, and are easy to pan fry, if you don’t have an oven.

        There are some Biocoop stores listed at their site here. I do not see any of their stores listed in the 5th, but you should know my favorite restaurant where I have eaten gluten-free is there! It’s called Les Puits de Légumes, and I have written about it here and here. Definitely you should go there as the proprietress is a very kind and aware person about food intolerance. They have a gluten-free chocolate cake which they serve as well, and which I have not tried, but everything else there has been wonderful!

        Finally, the 5th is not far from the 13th, and you might want to check out the Asian food stores in “Chinatown” there. Tang Frères is the biggest, most famous of the stores, but there are several food shops in that area. I have picked up rice noodles and rice flours very inexpensively at shops there. There is rice flour spaghetti at Naturalia for about 5 € 50 (for the 250g size, I believe), but noodles from the Asian food shops are right around 1-2 € maximum.

        I hope you have a fantastic time, and if you went to meet up sometime while you are here, let me know. 🙂

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  3. Hi Karin,

    I have just signed up and am loving what I am reading! Quick question – what happened to Ghetto Living in Paris – Part 2?


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